RELEASE: Atalanta y Abogadas cancels 51,000 euros in 2 months with the new bankruptcy law approved in September

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Atalanta y Abogadas cancels 51,000 euros in 2 months with the new bankruptcy law approved in September

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Lleida, December 19, 2022.

Atalanta y Abogadas is a firm of expert lawyers in bankruptcy law, bankruptcy administrators and mediators. Specialists in the second chance law and bankruptcy for companies. With offices throughout Spain

From the law firm they explain how the case has been: a client contracted the services of Atalanta y Abogadas in July, was informed that the entry into force of the new bankruptcy law was imminent, and that it was better to wait since the new The law was going to be much faster and more agile, as it has been. The office shares the comments of this client regarding his experience and cancellation: "I am from Lérida, I have just canceled 51,000 euros in just 2 months with the second chance law, the truth is that I am surprised, I did not expect that It was so fast since they had told me that with the old law the process lasted 2 years". , and thus be able to benefit from the speed of the new bankruptcy law, and it was a success, thank you. I recommend everyone to get involved in the procedure, even if they have doubts as I had "The office recommends hiring the services of lawyers specialized in this type of judicial matters.Second Chance LawThe second chance law is a legal resource that allows individuals and the self-employed to get out of a situation of over-indebtedness. Is it achieved by law? Adjust the debts to the real economic possibilities of the debtor. Thanks to it, you can restructure and reduce debts and, in the best of cases, not have to pay them. The debt cancellation procedure requires a series of requirements and is carried out through a series of steps that require the assistance from a specialized lawyer. "There are still few people who benefit from the exoneration of debts," they comment from the office. The truth is that there is a great lack of knowledge of a law that was enacted to allow people and self-employed workers beset by insurmountable debts to start over and reintegrate into economic life.Atalanta y Abogadas has extensive experience in strategic, commercial advice and corporate in situations of business crisis, they have intervened in multiple bankruptcies of both legal entities and individuals, achieving the success (100%) pursued in all of them. Thanks to their specialized academic training and their long and proven experience, they offer reliability and results to its clientsFor more information, visit www.atalantayabogadas.esIt is possible to consult its Network of Offices.

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