RELEASE: Atalanta y Abogadas cancels 80,000 euros in Barcelona in 3 months in Commercial Court number 11

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Atalanta y Abogadas cancels 80,000 euros in Barcelona in 3 months in Commercial Court number 11

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Atalanta y Abogadas: experts in bankruptcy law, specialists in second chance law and bankruptcy for companies

Barcelona, ​​March 8, 2023. Atalanta y Abogadas is a law firm specializing in bankruptcy law, bankruptcy administration and mediation.

One of the most recent cases attended by Atalanta y Abogadas is that of Jennifer, a girl from Barcelona who shares her experience: "My life was terrible and anguishing, always persecuted by creditors, always asking for money to pay, always in a state of Very high stress, I found the office of Atalanta y Abogadas by chance looking on the internet for how to reunify my debts, I entered their page and thanks to them I learned about the second chance law".

In Jennifer's words, "it is vital to successfully reach the end of the procedure to hire the services of a law firm that is a specialist in law and that, in addition to being professionals, is humane and empathetic, since the process is hard and long and you need to feel that They are there with you, accompanying you and protecting you at all times, as has been the case with Atalanta y Abogadas".

Jennifer comments that she wants to send a message to people in the same situation who have not yet benefited from the law: "Don't be afraid, if I have left, you will also leave. In fact, to anyone around me or at work that she sees that my situation suffers, I will encourage her to go through the process".

From the Atalanta y Abogadas office, it has been highlighted that it is important that all people who meet the requirements to enter the process of the second chance law have the possibility of getting out of debt and starting over. In fact, they point out that canceling the debts of these people and offering them a new opportunity is more useful for society than persecuting them ad nauseam. This way of thinking is widely accepted and recognized in countries like the United States.

Jennifer's experience is one example of how the second chance law can be a valuable tool in helping people get out of difficult financial situations. With the help of a good law firm and the appropriate legal framework, it is possible to overcome obstacles and start over with a debt canceled and a new opportunity in life.

Second Chance Law

The second chance law is a legal resource that allows individuals and the self-employed to get out of a situation of over-indebtedness. What is accomplished by law? Adjust the debts to the real economic possibilities of the debtor. Thanks to it, you can restructure and reduce debts and, in the best of cases, not have to pay them.

Atalanta y Abogadas, has extensive experience in corporate and commercial advice, achieving success in 100% of cases. They have offices throughout Spain.

Thanks to their specialized academic training and their long and proven experience, they offer reliability and results to their clients.

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