RELEASE: Cancellation of €90,000 of debt in Madrid

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Cancellation of €90,000 of debt in Madrid

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, November 18, 2022.

The second chance law has left a new success story in Madrid thanks to Empieza de cero

This is Laura, a businesswoman who decided to contact the specialized office Empieza de Cero to help her solve her financial problems. This woman from Madrid accumulated debts of more than 90,000 euros, both with private entities and with public administrations after opening a business. Bad economic situation Laura's economic situation was not good and this liability was suffocating her. She was in a situation of insolvency, she did not have properties in her name and she was not capable of assuming the installments that, month by month, her creditors presented. In March 2021 and after Álvaro Sánchez, the lawyer who took charge of her case, recommended it to her, she accepted the second chance law procedure. The objective was to obtain total exoneration of the liabilities that Laura accumulated. However, due to the limitations established by the legislation, there were some impediments to achieving it. The debt with the Treasury and Social Security could not be completely exonerated and it was necessary to establish a payment plan. Beginning of the second chance law procedure Once the insolvency declaration was presented before a notary, the lawyer tried to reach an agreement with private creditors. However, this was not possible. Subsequently, he filed a lawsuit for consecutive bankruptcy in the courts. A complete exoneration of the debt accumulated with private entities and a partial exoneration of the debt contracted with the administrations were requested. In addition, a payment plan with a duration of 17 months was requested to pay little by little the outstanding debt. Success of Empieza de Cero The request received no opposition and the magistrate approved the payment plan requested by the office Empieza de Cero Zero and the exoneration of 90,000 euros. From that moment on, Laura only had to pay a fee of 61.42 euros per month. All this after a year of duration of the procedure. Fortunately, since the process to declare her insolvency began, this woman from Madrid was able to free herself from all the creditors' payments. With the start of the second chance procedure, no other creditor could have requested that Laura pay her outstanding debts or have registered her in files of defaulters. Since last September 2022, the second chance law has undergone some variations that streamline the process and make it more economical. It is no longer necessary to reach a prior agreement with the creditors and you will not have to go to the notary to prove the state of insolvency. Empieza de Cero is a law firm that operates nationwide, has offices throughout Spain and has specialized in debt cancellation, reduction and deferral since 2015. Contact specialists in debt cancellation. Now, you can say goodbye to one of the most unpleasant situations, over-indebtedness.

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