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The leading company in the distribution of online press releases in the Spanish language thus shows its commitment to creating new technological developments that allow it to provide added value to its clients.

Barcelona, ​​April 24, 2024.- Comunicae, the leading tool for distributing online press releases in the Spanish language, has launched a new functionality that allows you to generate videos from press releases thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence.

With this launch they demonstrate their commitment to offering new solutions that complement and maximize the reach of their clients’ news distribution.

The new functionality allows any note distributed by Comunicae to be converted completely free of charge into a video that the client can save and use as they see fit. One of the possibilities could be, for example, sharing it on your social networks.

“After the experience of having launched more than 100,000 press releases for more than 6,500 clients, Comunicae’s next logical step was to promote the distribution of press releases through the king format online: video. To do this, we have chosen to make use of the great possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence,” says Nuno Bernardes, CEO of Comunicae.

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence specially trained for this, the content is synthesized and subsequently converted into a voice-over that narrates the information while displaying it in the form of subtitles. The graphic content that makes up the video is obtained through the images of the press release uploaded by the client or through images created by AI.

The relevance of this new functionality is in the video format, which is becoming the preferred way to consume content. Currently, more than 70% of consumers choose this format to find out about a product or service. Furthermore, 95% of messages transmitted in video are retained, while in text this figure is only 10%. Lastly, videos on social media generate an incredible 1,200% more engagement than images and text combined. For all this, Comunicae has not wanted to be left behind and already offers this format to its users.

This is not the only functionality launched by Comunicae with the help of Artificial Intelligence. A few months ago they developed LAIA, a chat in which the AI ​​asks questions based on the client’s answers until it collects the necessary information that allows it to write a press release on which the client can work.

About Comunicae

Comunicae is the leading tool for the distribution of press releases in the Spanish language.

Throughout its more than 10 years of experience, it has consolidated its leadership thanks to the dissemination of more than 100,000 press releases for more than 6,500 clients in national and international media.

Comunicae’s objective is to become the best technological solution for corporate communication by reducing the barriers between senders and receivers of business news.

To this end, they are developing new functionalities that help digitize the communication process of companies and ensure that their content reaches the correct recipients, thus maximizing its dissemination.

Contact Contact name: Patricia Fernández Carrelo Contact description: CMO of Comunicae Email: pfernandez@comunicae.com

Contact phone: 931702774