RELEASE: Covirán lands on Twitch at the hands of Siro López and Antoni Daimiel

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Covirán lands on Twitch at the hands of Siro López and Antoni Daimiel

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Cooperative accelerates its strategy to reach new audiences through agreements with streamers and leading figures with whom to address different topics: from sports, to leisure or healthy eating. 'Coolab' is the new brand with which Covirán will activate this union of talent, through which the revelation point guard of the ACB Lluis Costa or the double Olympic medalist in Sailing, Natalia Via-Dufresne, will pass through in its first edition

Covirán goes one step further in its goal of staying connected with new audiences by launching a series of events on Twitch to create content with some of the best-known streamers in the country.

The first of them will be held this week together with the well-known sports journalists Siro López and Antoni Daimiel, with a live program in which both communicators will chat with top-level athletes from the most diverse sports, all of them sponsored by Covirán. In the match, which will take place on the Siro López channel, there will be athletes such as the revelation point guard of the Endesa League, Lluis Costa -a Covirán Granada Basketball player- or the double Olympic medalist in Sailing, Natalia Via-Dufresne, promoter of the Dorsia Covirán Sailing Team.

About Coolab by Covirán

Covirán has baptized these agreements with streamers as the 'Coolab', which will materialize, precisely, in collaborations of a diverse nature, always focused on generating interesting content for the audience.

The programming of these 'Coolabs' will be revealed gradually and contemplates not only approaching the world of sport, but also, hand in hand with various content creators, topics such as lifestyle, healthy eating or sharing moments will be addressed. special with all those people who want to join to participate.

The content universe of the 'CooLab' will not be limited solely to Twitch, but will include a complete ecosystem of transmedia content that, focused on the almost two hours live, will produce content for other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok.

Inside the game, the first Coolab by Covirán, dedicated to sport The first 'Coolab' by Covirán will take place next Friday, November 18, at 4:30 p.m. and will feature the legendary sports journalists Siro López and Antoni Daimiel. The special live broadcast is called "Inside the game" and in it they will 'try' to talk about everything except football before the World Cup capitalizes all the attention.

The announcers will also be accompanied by professional athletes -many of them sponsored by Covirán- from whom you can discover stories and anecdotes: Lluís Costa and David Iriarte, from Covirán CB Granada of the ACB League; Learn more about adapted sports with Francis Sánchez and the player Encarni Betanzos from Covirán Churriana Inclusivo.

In addition, the spectators will be surprised with the world of sailing chatting with Nuria Sánchez Nomdedeu and the Olympian Natalia Vía-Dufresne from the Dorsia Covirán Sailing Team, as well as with the stories of the slopes and the base schools with the Atarfe women's volleyball team.

Information, interviews, anecdotes and surprises that can be enjoyed live, and completely free of charge, on Siro López's Twitch channel.



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Caption: Siro López and Antoni Daimiel star in the 1st Covirán Coolab Author: Covirán