RELEASE: Ducreams, distributor of organic CBD oil

Ducreams is committed to cannabidiol and the benefits of this compound for people's health.

RELEASE: Ducreams, distributor of organic CBD oil

Ducreams is committed to cannabidiol and the benefits of this compound for people's health. The Basque company has become a recognized CBD distributor brand in Spain that opts for local products and continuous research

Distributor of CBD products The Ducreams CBD store is based in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the Álava Technology Park. There is the laboratory where a professional pharmaceutical team continuously studies new ways of expanding the business with innovative products. All this is carried out thanks to the advances in research on the attributes and advantages of CBD in different pathologies and conditions.

Its strong commitment to natural and organic CBD oil and its online and offline visibility have made it a distributor of cannabidiol-derived products to small businesses and pharmacies. Some of the consumers of Ducreams products have positioned themselves as brand ambassadors, helping to make the benefits of cannabidiol visible and providing more information about the compound on social networks.

The CBD store offers a range of varied oils at competitive prices that are already available in many establishments in different parts of Spain. The strength of Ducreams lies in the technical advice of its entire catalog and the speed of shipments, which are made in a period of 24 to 48 hours. They maintain an open telephone line and an email where they answer doubts and questions.

Since its inception, the Basque CBD distributor has placed sustainability as a fundamental value in its company. The use of renewable energy in production and ecological materials in packaging position Ducreams as a green business.

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The products most in demand by Ducreams consumers are natural CBD oils. These bottles can be found both in the online store and in the physical store with different concentrations of cannabidiol and with the option of choosing a citrus or natural aroma.

Its catalog explains how CBD helps to reduce some symptoms of pathologies such as stress, anxiety, cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or insomnia. In each article you will find all the information about the composition and instructions for its use.

Apart from CBD oil, Ducreams has created a range of gummies with cannabidiol and citrus flavors. Now they will add cosmetics to their catalogue. They have been conducting formulation studies and will be announcing new products focused on natural cosmetics and their benefits in the coming months.


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