RELEASE: Eight proposals to discover the nature and tradition of Mie

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Eight proposals to discover the nature and tradition of Mie

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Japan, March 9, 2023.

From the city of Ise or Matsusaka, Tomoyama Park, meditating under a waterfall in Shirataki Daimyojin or a Katsuobushi factory, this Japanese prefecture, although less known by foreign tourists, is a region that has much to offer for lovers of nature and "slow travel" tourists

Located between Osaka and Tokyo, Mie has long been a perfect getaway spot with a strong tradition of welcoming visitors that looks forward to welcoming tourists from home and abroad. Lovers of nature and "slow travel" find in this prefecture their ideal destination in its extensive tourist attractions, from the city of Ise or Matsusaka, Tomoyama Park, meditating under a waterfall in Shirataki Daimyojin or a Katsuobushi factory, among many others.Discover Ise Ise is a must-see in Mie Prefecture. This small town is known for being home to the Ise Jingu Shrine, a legendary 2,000-year-old Shinto shrine divided into 125 pavilions. More than 1,500 rituals are held each year, some in honor of the imperial family, others to ensure good harvests throughout the country. A short walk through the historic district of Oharai-machi and Okage-yokocho is also a must during your stay in the city. A day at VISON VISON is a large shopping complex created to showcase the craft skills and products of Mie Prefecture. . It has a traditional market, a large number of shops, a hotel, cafeterias, rest areas and various experiential facilities that will keep the traveler busy throughout the day. It is the perfect place to walk and talk with the artisans and also with the women who sell their products. The aim of this place is to bring together local producers and designers who are aware of nature, giving them real visibility and the opportunity to attract a wider audience. For example, the Norimomo store, which puts nori (seaweed) in its rightful place.Walking around Matsusaka Matsusaka is a city to discover on foot as you stroll through its old streets lined with a wide variety of craft shops . During the tour, you pass through the street once inhabited by samurai and by old merchants' houses, since the region was very famous for its trade. Another must-see is Matsusaka Castle and the Motoori Norinaga Museum, which displays the writings and maps of Motoori Norinaga, a famous Japanese scholar. The city is also famous for its Matsuzaka beef, one of the best Japanese wagyu.Shirataki Daimyojin A 30-minute drive from Ise, Shirataki Daimyojin is a secluded spot in the middle of nature where you can meditate under a waterfall. A stream fed by a waterfall meanders through the trees, on both sides of the shore there are small cabins that are used as saunas. The place is still a bit unknown, but it is gaining popularity as it offers a complete experience to recharge your batteries away from the worries of everyday life.Visiting a katsuobushi factory Foodies also find Mie their ideal destination. Especially known for katsuobushi, in this prefecture you can visit the hundred-year-old smoking workshop for this dried bonito that is used to prepare dashi, a traditional broth with a unique flavor that cannot be missing from Japanese cuisine.Pearls of Mie Another experience unique if you visit Mie is the manufacture of pearl jewelry in the pearl house located in a small cove. Here the long process of breeding pearl oysters and the collection of these marine pieces are explained. You can also choose an oyster, open it and discover what is inside, so that you can then create a pendant, a ring or the jewel of your choice. Tomoyama Mie Park is the ideal prefecture for nature lovers, especially the Tomoyama Park. Formed by several trails and a magical view of Ago Bay and the many uninhabited islands that dot the sea, here you can practice many outdoor activities.Walks and excursions on the islands of Mie The beautiful heart-shaped island of Watakanoshima It is undoubtedly the ideal refuge for a weekend of disconnection where you can enjoy the beach, picnics and sports in the afternoon or simply pure relaxation. Another option is Kamishima, located further north. A little jewel lost in the middle of the water, perfect for venturing out on a wonderful excursion along its cliffs.

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