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HONG KONG, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ELFBAR, a global pioneer in vaping technology, announced its product prototypes amid the brand’s intensified effort to promote the recyclability of vaping products.

ELFBAR’s single-use vaporizer concept, a corrugated paper structure, wins the product design award at the world-famous International Forum (iF) Design Award 2024.

ELFBAR Corrugated Paper Vaping

In another latest example of innovation by doubling down on the development of recycling technologies, the brand is introducing R3, a single-use vaporizer prototype where users can remove the battery themselves for easier recycling.

Minimalist concept powered by corrugated paper

The award-winning single-use vaporizer applies degradable corrugated paper throughout its casing, an inspiration that comes from cardboard furniture and effectively reduces the environmental impact of single-use vaporizers.

Users can easily remove the shell by tearing it off along the dotted line. The structure marks the product’s vision of staying at the forefront of the industry’s sustainability drive without compromising its durability and user experience.

Used batteries in discarded products can also be properly disposed of and recycled after removing the paper covering.

Opt for increasingly higher recyclability rates

ELFBAR’s latest R3 prototype is a testament to its planet-friendly stance. By allowing the prototype to be manually disassembled into five parts: lithium battery, housing, airflow sensor, battery housing, mouthpiece and nicotine filter, this single-use product raises the total recycling rate to 85 percent. hundred.

Notably, users can remove the battery with a simple push-and-release mechanism on the base.

With an easy-to-disassemble structure, this prototype ensures hassle-free disassembly and significantly improves recycling efficiency in waste management facilities.

ELFBAR recycling milestones

In addition to improving the recyclability of vaping products, ELFBAR has been working tirelessly with its partners to establish recycling points at retail outlets around the world and drive public awareness on the responsible disposal of vapes under the GreenAwareness recycling.

As of 1 April 2024, ELFBAR and its partners had provided over 160 retail stores with end-to-end collection, transport and processing of discarded vaporisers, and installed recycling bins in over 1,000 stores across the UK.

Until then, more than 200,000 pieces of discarded vaporizers, with a total weight of 5,611 kilograms, had been collected, dismantled and responsibly processed.

Additionally, ELFBAR reiterates its ambition to expand the UK’s GreenAwareness recycling program to other markets, and from ELFBAR to LOST MARY in 2024, in a bid to place recycling bins in more than 4,000 stores worldwide.

As a pioneer in vaporizer recycling, ELFBAR plans to establish a recycling chain with mature dismantling, recycling and reuse processes in a closed loop.

ELFBAR initiated GreenAwareness on a trial basis in April 2023, with a commitment to offering comprehensive vaporizer recycling solutions and reducing the impact of waste materials. Through this program, ELFBAR partners with professional lithium battery recycling service providers to undertake the collection of discarded vaporizers from retailers and transport them to an organization certified as an Authorized Approved Treatment Facility (AATF), where these devices They are completely disassembled into components for a rigorous recycling procedure.


ELFBAR is a pioneer and innovator in the global vaping industry. Since its creation in 2018, it has been dedicated to exploring new frontiers by providing a different and diverse vaping experience, with innovation at the center. ELFBAR remains committed to compliance, youth protection and sustainable growth in its unwavering responsibility as a leading brand favored and referred to by tens of millions of adult users around the world.

For more information about ELFBAR as a brand and its products, visit elfbar.com.


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