RELEASE: Energybox renews the subsidy for the energy bills of the Nazareth Association

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Energybox renews the subsidy for the energy bills of the Nazareth Association

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 29, 2022.

During 2022, Energybox subsidized 75% of the amounts of the electricity bill of the Nazareth Association. After this new renewal for 2023, the energy consultancy specialized in energy saving hopes to be able to get close to 100% subsidy in the amount of the NGO's electricity bills

In recent years there have been a series of events that have caused an unprecedented energy crisis and, therefore, an increase in the cost of electricity and gas bills. In this way, many people in a situation of vulnerability have found themselves unable to pay these bills. However, there are also many companies and organizations, especially NGOs, which, due to their limited sources of income, have also particularly noticed this increase in cost. Given this situation, there are many organizations and companies that have decided to act to alleviate this situation and offer help to those who need it most. This is the case of the energy consultancy specialized in energy saving, Energybox, which in 2022 decided to subsidize 75% of the amounts of the Asociación Nazaret's electricity bill and, particularly, for the branches it has in Madrid. The agreement signed in December 2021 has just been extended for one more year until, at least, the end of 2023. Far from being satisfied with the conditions of 2022, Energybox hopes to be able to approach a 100% subsidy of the amount of electricity bills thanks to different advisory procedures that allow reducing the amount of said invoices. This collaboration is part of a series of actions carried out by Energybox with different NGOs, since they consider it necessary to help organizations involved in helping the most disadvantaged groups , understanding that the amounts of electricity increases are more burdensome for them because they are non-profit people and do not receive income for their activity.About Energybox Energybox is an energy consultancy based in Madrid specialized in energy saving of industrial and domestic installations through the application of energy saving strategies in electrical applications and in ergéticas. Established in 2010 by a team that emerged from the union of a group of engineers who have developed their professional careers for more than 15 years in the consulting, electricity, renewable energy, energy efficiency, construction and industrial maintenance sectors. Its purpose is, through energy advice, to help organizations establish systems and processes necessary to implement an electrical energy management system that allows reducing electrical costs and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. The ethical code is based on defense of clients and, therefore, they put all the emphasis on the best study, analysis and personalized advice to position itself as one of the most recognized energy consultancies in Spain.About Asociación Nazaret The Asociación Nazaret works in the Madrid neighborhood of San Blas with the aim of improving the quality of life of their families and minors. A group of volunteers meets the needs of the constantly growing neighborhood of San Blas on a daily or weekly basis. The specific objective is to dignify the life and existence of all the neighbors and families who, for different reasons, face social difficulties such as health, work, economic, coexistence or family violence problems, among others.

Contact Contact name: ANGEL DOMINGUEZ Contact description: EXPANSION DIRECTOR Contact telephone number: 601076320

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