RELEASE: Epson improves energy efficiency in offices with the new WorkForce Enterprise AM-C printers

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Epson improves energy efficiency in offices with the new WorkForce Enterprise AM-C printers

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Barcelona, ​​November 24, 2022.

The Japanese firm's commitment to sustainability and its customers is reinforced with this launch that completes the No Heat printing technology proposal with new options from 40 to 60 ppm

Epson has launched the WorkForce Enterprise AM-C series, a new range of 40-60 ppm business printing models that aims to consolidate the company's leadership in business inkjet printing. These new printer models incorporate Epson's Heatless Technology, which allows reducing energy consumption in the printing process. This is a key criterion today, especially in a context where high energy prices and the climate emergency are consolidate as two major concerns of citizens. According to a study carried out by Epson together with Coleman Parkes, 64% of Spaniards understand energy efficiency as a fundamental factor in their decision to purchase technological solutions. That is why Epson's new range of products includes injection technology of ink without heat, which allows to reduce energy consumption considerably compared to laser printing by up to 83%. The new WorkForce Enterprise AM-C line represents another step in the global sustainability strategy of the Japanese company, which a year ago it already announced an investment of 100 billion yen in sustainable innovation. Likewise, as part of this sustainable roadmap, Epson has also announced the decision to end the sale and distribution of laser printers worldwide by the year 2026. Roger Bernedo, Head of Sales Office Print at Epson Ibérica, comments: "The The new WorkForce Enteprise AM-C series is fully aligned with Epson's sustainability and energy efficiency goals.The company's goal is to be the best partner for employees and customers and, through solutions such as heat-free technology, which combines innovation and sustainability, being able to offer even better results, both in environmental and productive terms". Consolidating the business inkjet printing sector Epson's new series of business printing models will help strengthen the company's position in the inkjet sector business inkjet printing, responding to needs not covered to date in the field of printing in A3 size. eristic, this range reduces the need for maintenance and service, increasing productivity by reducing production stops. These new printing equipment are made up of a fixed online print head, and are constituted as essential allies for those companies that need a medium printing speed. In addition, thanks to its small size, it is easily integrated into any workspace, and, through high-performance ink packs, it allows optimization of the processes necessary for its operation. More at

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