RELEASE: Find the nearest libraries, universities or museums thanks to Ludico Business

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Find the nearest libraries, universities or museums thanks to Ludico Business

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Do you need the telephone number of the nearby Post Offices? Or from the various courier companies? Here you will be able to obtain the telephone information of the Post Offices and courier companies; as well as the telephone number for libraries and the contact information for museums, or the list of Spanish universities. Apart from the telephone number, you will be able to find out the hours, the address, the characteristics and all the information that is needed related to the various contacts mentioned.

Users will be up to date with the latest news and developments in the respective sectors, as well as access to different frequently asked questions from customers, such as how to return a package, the types of museums that exist or the advantages that students have, among many others. This section will help to resolve doubts, as well as being useful. How to contact museums in Spain? Looking for the nearest museum? Here is the option to get the telephone numbers of all the Spanish museums, in addition to learning more about them. With a list of museums by province, you will be able to obtain information about the existing museums in each city, their hours, addresses and the most important details, with the aim of resolving your main questions and providing essential information. In turn, you will be able to access the latest related news, such as the recent attacks on emblematic works by activists, and the most frequently asked questions from customers. How to get the library phone number? On the other hand, if what is needed is to contact a specific library, it will also be possible to obtain its telephone information by searching the list of libraries by city and province. You can, for example, view all the existing ones in the city of Madrid, knowing their telephone number, their hours or their location, among others. You will have the option of learning more about the municipal libraries present in your neighborhood, as well as finding out about the latest news, such as the centenary of prominent authors, such as Antonio de Nebrija. Likewise, you will have access to the most common questions about them. Need the telephone number of Spanish universities? In the event that you want to know the list of universities in Spain, you can do it in the directory, where you will have access to all the existing ones in each province and city, as well as schools, higher centers or faculties. It will be possible to consult if they are public or private, in addition to their hours and, of course, their telephone number, so that all doubts can be resolved. By consulting the frequently asked questions, some questions will be resolved, such as the private universities that exist in Madrid or if it is possible to apply for a place in more than one university. If you are looking to register in any of them, from here you will obtain all the necessary information to contact them. You can find information, for example, about the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Pompeu Fabra University or the University of Valencia. Locate the nearest Post Office? If you need links close to a location, you can access the list of these in each province, consulting, for example, all the existing ones in the city of Toledo or Seville. Filtering by province, you will know the telephone number of the Post Office that is needed, its hours or location, as well as other ways to contact them. In turn, it will be possible to find out how a post office works, in addition to frequently asked questions from users, among which stand out what products cannot be sent or how to pack a package properly. The latest developments and news in the sector will also be known, such as the new Postal services and the variations in the oppositions. Contact courier companies in Spain Lastly, if you need the contact of courier companies, here you can consult the telephone number the one that is closest to the location. From a list of courier companies by province, you will not only get their phone number, but also their hours and location, as well as knowing their main functions and activities. You will learn what a courier company is and how it works, as well as the answers to the most common questions from users, such as how long does it take to get an urgent shipment or what is phishing. These answers will help with your own questions, as well as provide information that you may not have known before. In the same way, you will have access to the latest developments and news in the field of logistics.

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