RELEASE: Five recipes to succeed during Veganuary 2024

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RELEASE: Five recipes to succeed during Veganuary 2024

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Spain, January 12, 2024.

From potato omelette to Roscón de Reyes, through some delicious tofu nuggets, a protein falafel or a 'meatless chili' for spicy lovers. Veganuary offers delicious, healthy and respectful recipes with animals and the planet

Food has a deep cultural component. It's about eating, but also about sharing, taking care of yourself and enjoying. That is why recipes are one of the most valued resources by people who join the Veganuary challenge: eating vegan for 31 days. All of them also receive nutritional information, tips and tricks. They have selected 5 recipes so that the experience is delicious, nutritious and healthy. These and many more can be found on the Veganuary website in Spain. Traditional: the classic potato omelette... without eggs Team with or without onion? Well, it doesn't really matter, because the vegan potato omelette can be creative, like in this recipe with spinach and red pepper by Jenny Rodríguez. The only important thing is that the egg is replaced with chickpea flour. It is easy to make, although the first few times you have to 'get' the point, and one of the most surprising dishes. It is also especially interesting for those people who want to take care of their cholesterol level. Festive: Vegan Roscón de Reyes The Three Wise Men have already said goodbye for this year, but this recipe from 'La Gloria Vegana' is here to stay. The vegan Roscón de Reyes is made with soy milk for the dough and pastry cream or vegan cream for the filling. The candied fruit and the rest of the ingredients, including the broad bean, are already vegan as standard. Protein: turmeric and sweet potato falafel In this version of the traditional Middle Eastern dish based on chickpeas, the wonderful sweet potatoes, so appetizing in winter, and turmeric are added to make it even tastier and healthier. The recipe is from 'Trinity's Kitchen' and can be made with the chickpeas completely beaten or leave them with some pieces, so that the mixture is more 'rustic'. One recommendation: serve with hummus and enjoy. Familiar: tofu nuggets Of course, the versatile and misunderstood tofu could not be missing from a vegan recipe book. Source of healthy protein, it is used for all types of dishes, from sweets to salads. On this occasion, the 'Hello Vegan' proposal is to combine it with chickpea flour and nutritional yeast and finally coat it to make some nuggets that will delight the whole family. A trick: freeze the block of tofu beforehand. Spicy: meatless chili The secret of this 'Chrissie's Greedy Gob' recipe is the same as that of bolognese sauce, vegan lasagna or some plant-based burgers: the nutritious textured soy that, being very low in fat, provides protein and texture to vegetable dishes. Add some good black beans, tomato and hot chili, and the magic is done. It can be accompanied by rice, tacos, or roasted potatoes. One recommendation: serve it with guacamole, the recipe for which can also be found on Veganuary. Link to register, completely free, for Veganuary 2024. Veganuary 2024 press kit

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