RELEASE: Flexible payments, digital trends and WhatsApp for electronic commerce, protagonists of the E-Show

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Flexible payments, digital trends and WhatsApp for electronic commerce, protagonists of the E-Show

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The largest eCommerce fair in Spain these days brings together more than 8,000 professionals from the sector.

Companies are betting on ChatGPT and AI to improve the user experience and increase their sales.

"WhatsApp is the perfect app for e-commerce because it has an open rate of 95%", Mario Armas, CEO of Linkhub.

"Sales increase by 81% when flexible payment models are provided", according to Adrián Escudé, SeQura's Marketing Director.

Barcelona, ​​March 7, 2023.- The future of flexible payments, digital trends, technologies such as ChatGPT or Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as the use of WhatsApp to improve the flow of digital sales are some of the topics that have been addressed in the first day of the 40th edition of E-SHOW Barcelona, ​​the largest eCommerce, Digital Marketing, and Big Data event

The debate, moderated by Marta Gil, Director of Marketing

The managers of these companies have highlighted the potential that the use of technologies such as ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence can have in different branches of their businesses. In this sense, Daniel Peña (Bergener) has explained that they are beginning to work with the Artificial Intelligence chatbox to improve the user experience. At the moment, as he explained, "the results are difficult to measure, but they look good."

For his part, Antonio Soto (Pikolinos) has highlighted that his company is focusing on increasing internal productivity thanks to ChatGPT and has remarked that it is "just the tip of the iceberg", for which they are working to "not lose sight of all the companies that are emerging around this language".

"Artificial Intelligence has a prominent role in the beauty sector and has been around for some time, but the pandemic forced it to be further developed", in the words of Mitrovic Mitrovic (Revlon) who also highlighted that the chatbox has evolved a lot and enables customers to have better shopping experiences.

WhatsApp: the perfect app for eCommerce.

Another of the topics discussed during the first day of E-SHOW is the possibilities of WhatsApp in eCommerce. According to Mario Armas, CEO and CO-Founder of Linkhub, the world of customer service and eCommerce makes WhatsApp the perfect app for electronic commerce. "It has an opening rate of 95% for 72% of the SMS and 15% of the e-mail," said Armas.

For this, intelligent automation with an End to End approach is essential, from the login in the app to the last mile. "You can automate the entire customer journey from the WhatsApp channel," he added.

Flexible payments: advantages for businesses and consumers.

In relation to flexible payments and their advantages for eCommerce, Adrián Escudé, SeQura's Marketing Director, has indicated that sales increase by 81% when payment methods are combined and adapted to the needs of commerce and consumers.

In this sense, it opted for solutions that combine short and long-term financing, as well as sectorization, product customization and optimization of the purchase funnel. "To facilitate a better conversion, it is necessary to combine different payment methods," she revealed.

Escudé, in turn, reviewed the evolution of BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) payment methods, and explained how, starting in 2000, companies emerged with a technological profile that changed the initial face-to-face process towards "a faster and more intuitive digital experience". "Banks have jumped on the BNPL bandwagon but they are not good at creating digital experiences," he said.

Along these lines, the Director of eCommerce Southwest Europe and Central Europe PepsiCo, Rui Francisco, has pointed out the need to "take megatrends like eCommerce very seriously" because moving away from them "can be very dangerous". The PepsiCo executive has attributed the company's success to the fact that "it has known how to bet on this trend", taking into account "the profiles of people who buy online, involving all the agents involved in the organization and surrounding themselves with people who trust in the project". Rui Francisco recalled that the pandemic was a 'boom' for electronic commerce, which attracted new customers who "have stayed". Looking ahead to this year, Francisco stressed that eCommerce "is very relevant", but we live in "uncertain times".

Artificial Intelligence applied to data management.

The Data Analytics Manager of Toyota Spain, Melania Calero, has stated that artificial intelligence can provide "value to different sectors" within a company and has given the case of sales as an example, where "you can have a recommendation system for decide which product to offer or help segment customers". "In the automation part, of specific use cases, it can add a lot of value," she added.

Finally, Javier Cerezo, Associate Director of Data Science Novartis, has indicated that banking, retail and eCommerce are sectors that have advanced in AI compared to others such as Pharma and the manufacturing industry, which "have lagged further behind". An expert believes that classic calculation tools such as Excel are not going to disappear and are going to coexist with AI models. However, "not necessarily everything will be Deep learning but it is true that there are tools that depend more on the analyst, which can be replaced by more modern tools" he concluded.

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