RELEASE: GIGABYTE Emphasizes Pleasant Design Across All Product Lines To Enhance User Experience

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: GIGABYTE Emphasizes Pleasant Design Across All Product Lines To Enhance User Experience

(Information sent by the signatory company)

TAIPEI, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- GIGABYTE, the world's leading computing brand, is famous for its stylish and efficient motherboards, graphics cards, gaming monitors and more. Consumers around the world praise its award-winning products for their class-leading performance and build quality. GIGABYTE products are made even more impressive by their pleasing designs, which are based on a deep understanding of users' needs and expectations. These ingenious designs are designed to make it easy to assemble and upgrade products to greatly enhance the user experience.

The Intel-based Z790 series, AMD AM5-based X670 series, and B650 series gaming motherboards are equipped with technology that makes building and upgrading your PC as easy as possible. Ideal for DIY builds, the PCIe EZ-Latch design allows users to easily remove the graphics card from the PCIe slot with a quick release mechanism; EZ-Latch M.2 design makes it easy to install M.2 SSDs thanks to its screwless design. These next-generation motherboards are also compatible with Intel XMP and AMD EXPO overclockable memory modules for maximum compatibility. Additionally, GIGABYTE BIOS comes with pre-installed profiles to help users get higher performance with ease.

In addition to the incredible performance of GIGABYTE graphics cards, the latest AORUS RTX™ 40 series MASTER models feature LCD Edge View, an LCD screen that allows users to monitor key performance in real time or customize the PC with its graphics. or favorite animations. The new Anti-Drop Bracket fits GIGABYTE RTX™ 40 series air-cooled graphics cards and provides optimized reinforcement without interfering with the overall look.

From the unique tactical features to the Arm Edition models, the pleasing designs extend to GIGABYTE's line of gaming monitors, which are built with gamers in mind and focus on the features they need. Tactical features like Black Equalizer 2.0 and AIM Stabilizer among others are in-game enhancements that help players hone their skills. GIGABYTE M-series monitors also include KVM technology that allows users to connect to and switch between multiple devices using a single monitor, keyboard and mouse. Finally, the M32U and M28U models of Arm Edition gaming monitors are the best ergonomic and space-saving solution, freeing up desktop space and adapting to various situations based on users' needs.

GIGABYTE always prioritizes ease of use when designing its products and strives to eliminate pain points to enhance the user experience. For more information on how GIGABYTE enhances the PC experience, please see


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