RELEASE: Glass by Gaviota: very positive year balance as a leader in bioclimatic solutions to protect spaces

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Glass by Gaviota: very positive year balance as a leader in bioclimatic solutions to protect spaces

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Alicante, December 29, 2022.

The leading company in glazing, bioclimatic pergolas and PVC windows closes a "sweet" year thanks to different milestones, such as the inauguration of a new range of products or participation in the most important trade fairs. Focusing on 2023, Glass by Gaviota will continue to work on promoting and promoting within and outside the national territory, as well as on optimizing its products and active solutions.

Glass by Gaviota, the leading company in enclosures and protection of outdoor spaces thanks to sustainable and innovative architectural solutions, ends the year with a very positive balance. The firm has increased the range of products in recent months, solutions that have been very well received, both by end customers and by distributors. Among the main milestones achieved, the incorporation of Zoe and Aura stands out, or the launch of its new sustainable line of PVC sliding windows and doors. In addition, the brand's participation in the most representative fairs for the sector has been notorious, including the VETECO 2022 Fair. Zoe sliding blinds: elegance, practicality and comfort to power To optimize and visually expand closed spaces, the brand He is in a "sweet" professional moment and of progress. As a result of this continuous optimization in its catalog, Zoe is born, the new sliding glass curtain that stands out for its simple design, with the absence of glass side frames and lower support to facilitate the movement of the glass. It is a product that with its disruptive motto "comfort with views". In addition, hand in hand is the Aura range, which the firm baptizes as: "panoramic vision in all light''. Glazed, sliding and rotating enclosures, frameless glass, ideal for those who place special interest in acoustic and thermal insulation.Likewise, thanks to the absence of vertical panels, it offers differential extras with respect to other enclosures, especially related to its lower guide: the structure is superimposed with the channel (to collect condensation water) and is embedded in the ground without the need for steps. The homes of the future are coming: a new concept of 100% recyclable Thermofiber / PVC windows and doors Always at the forefront and in continuous growth, the brand works on innovative and sustainable solutions, guaranteeing maximum light and comfort in the home.Another milestone to highlight in 2022 is the redesign of the window concept ace and sliding doors with its new sustainable 100% recyclable PVC line. It is framed under specific criteria of Passivhaus and Energy Efficiency thanks to the use of Thermofiber and Forthex Technology in its products. Ideal for multifunctional homes, where several people live, these windows protect from noise pollution while "shielding" the home from the heat or cold outside. These are practicable or sliding enclosures, with maximum features and with the possibility of combining them according to the user's own needs. Thanks to the commitment to the environment, energy consumption for heating and cooling is reduced, so the general energy savings throughout the year are significant. With a full "agenda" for 2023, where there will be no shortage of professional appointments and progress of new products, the firm promises to continue working on its "personal brand": transparency, professionalism and clarity. Likewise, as an aperitif of this coming 2023, the brand will continue to work on promoting and projecting itself nationally and internationally.

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