RELEASE: Global fashion brand DeFacto aims to grow in the European market with its next-generation franchise model

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Global fashion brand DeFacto aims to grow in the European market with its next-generation franchise model

(Information sent by the signatory company)

HAMBURG, Germany, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Global fashion brand DeFacto offers its products to fashion enthusiasts in 93 countries on 5 continents through its 500 stores and e-commerce channels. Serdar Ersoy, CEO of DeFacto Alternative Sales Channels

New generation franchise model: in comprehensive management from the project process to the point of sale

DeFacto, based in Turkey, launches a new strategy in line with its globalization goals and its vision of "Accessible Fashion". Serdar Ersoy, CEO of DeFacto Alternative Sales Channels

“As DeFacto, we are currently doubling our growth rate globally, both with our own investments and with our franchise partners. Expansion and franchising at DeFacto function as an independent business that has its own dynamic. As DeFacto favors the corporate-based business model, we have developed a new generation franchise model instead of the wholesale model that is common around the world. The key feature of this model that sets DeFacto apart from other players in the sector is the seamless integration of this distribution channel with our other channels. We manage all processes according to the principle of 360-degree operational excellence to guarantee the same level of service in the selection of franchisees in all countries. We do not run our franchises separately from our own business, but are involved in the entire business, from finding a location for the store, through construction, product selection, planning and pricing, to operational efficiency structure. We move forward together with our business partners. We strive to ensure that all of our franchises work in tune with our own brand DNA. Our top priority is to ensure that our business partners grow quickly, profitably and reliably."

"Our goal is for our franchise channel to grow 300% in three years."

Serdar Ersoy stressed that, in addition to experience and competence, the decisive factor in the selection of franchisees is that the partners share the vision of DeFacto.

“We offer our franchisees a turnkey retail experience. Our goal is to work with a visionary partner who has the necessary financial and business experience. We actively participate in all the processes of preparation of the point of sale, from the selection of the location to the project and the construction process. For products, we provide operational support from the products being shipped to the estimated retail prices for the product. With this vision, we intend to grow our franchise channel by 300% within 3 years."

DeFacto is both a technology company and a fashion brandDeFacto strengthens its omnichannel infrastructure and develops software that leads the transformation of the retail industry with DeFacto Technology and its developer team of more than 300 employees. Serdar Ersoy highlighted that DeFacto is a brand that not only focuses on fashion, but also provides the technology for it: “Our investments in technology solutions are making shopping faster and easier for our customers. We share the technologies we develop both within our own organization and with our franchisees, with whom we work as business partners. The most important of these solutions is the DFPOS application, which, for example, avoids queues at the checkout by offering the possibility of paying anywhere in the store. DFPOS, the "Android POS" project, which was one of the first to be implemented in the retail sector, facilitates the customer shopping experience by allowing multi-channel payments and returns at any point in the store thanks to its mobility.»

About DeFacto: Founded in 2005, DeFacto continues its operations with the vision of being a global fashion brand. DeFacto operates in 93 countries with more than 500 stores and online platforms. DeFacto, which has become a brand that produces not only fashion but also technology, builds the infrastructure of omnichannel technologies with its team of developers of more than 300 people. After creating the Smart Store in 2019 and bringing something new to the world, the company initiated the concept of DeFacto Fijital Store, which is the result of digitalization strategy that offers both physical and digital retail experience together. Acting in line with consumer requests and expectations, the brand introduced the DeFacto COOOL, DeFacto FİT, DeFacto Modest, DeFacto LIFE, DF Plus and Fall in Love sub-brands to customers around the world. In addition, as a signatory to the Global Compact and the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and a member of the Better Cotton Initiative, she is determined to meet her social and environmental commitments. In 2022, the brand shared its sixth sustainability report with the public.

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