RELEASE: Green Christmas Gifts: A Pencil and Plantable Makeup from SproutWorld

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RELEASE: Green Christmas Gifts: A Pencil and Plantable Makeup from SproutWorld

(Information sent by the signatory company)

SproutWorld proposes its pencils as Christmas gifts that can be transformed, after use, into a flower, grass or vegetable plant and even a Christmas tree. There are graphite and colored pencils available on Amazon and on its website, but also a makeup pencil for the eyes and eyebrows that are also plantable. Sustainable and at the same time original gift ideas for children and adults. Best of all, Sprout pencils are ecological and economical for less than €10

SproutWorld encourages you to celebrate a Christmas with ecological, sustainable gifts that generate zero waste and that convey the idea of ​​recycling. And all for less than €10. A very original proposal with the only pencils in the world that can be planted and thus returned to the earth, watching how they become plants, edible vegetables such as cherry tomatoes or basil and other flowers. One, two, Tree! Sprout proposes a gift that will last 100 years. The "Plant a tree" edition is a pack of plantable pencils that turn into a beautiful Christmas tree after planting it in a pot. When you no longer want to paint, draw or write with it, you can plant the pencil and see how it turns into a small fir tree. The pack consists of five pencils in a folding box. Get it on Amazon and on the Webshop. Its price is €9.95. Green and colorful SproutWorld colored pencils make it easy to teach children about environmental protection and sustainability. They learn by playing to reuse the products several times and not to throw them away after using them, but to give them a second life. The Special Edition consists of six colored pencils and two graphite pencils. The pencils contain different types of seeds such as basil, sage and thyme, daisies, cherry tomatoes or forget-me-nots. The special edition can be found on Amazon and on its website. The price is €13.95. Plantable makeup Also in the SproutWorld range are eyeliners and brow pencils that can have a second life as colorful wildflowers. With both products, SproutWorld aims to inspire people to take more environmentally friendly steps in their everyday lives. Because even the smallest steps can make a difference, and using these plantable pencils is one way to start. SproutWorld is pushing the cosmetics industry in a greener direction. After all, cosmetics companies produce around 120 billion tons of plastic waste each year. The two zero-waste products, both sustainable through and through, impressively show that there is another way. Eyeliner and eyebrow pencil are available in the web store or on Amazon. The price according to the pack is from €9.95. Personalized and personalized But in addition to all these innovative plantable products, SproutWorld offers the possibility of personalizing them so that they have the desired text or names printed on them. Personalized gifts, tailor-made for the recipient, are always something special. SproutWorld pencils can be customized in small quantities of 30 or more. With specially selected colors, fonts and even images and symbols, very personal unique pieces are created. You can also choose the seeds that will eventually sprout from the pen. Personalize Sprout pencils on the web store Love Edition SproutWorld also offers special editions such as the "Love Edition" designed to convey love. They are an ecological gift that protects the planet and does not wither as quickly as other gifts. The pack consists of 5 pencils, each one engraved with small symbols and phrases about love. After use, each pencil turns into a flower, herb, or vegetable plant. The Love Edition is available on Amazon and on the web. Its price is €9.95.

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