RELEASE: Heat patches: a great solution to relieve discomfort and back pain

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Heat patches: a great solution to relieve discomfort and back pain

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The physiotherapist and expert in heat therapy Pablo de la Serna, collaborator of Angelini Pharma Spain, explains how heat patches work and why they are very useful to combat musculoskeletal back pain

Barcelona, ​​February 15, 2023.- The heat patches contain a combination of minerals -iron, coal, salt- and water, which, when they come into contact with the air, release heat for several hours. According to Pablo de la Serna, "the benefits of heat therapy are multiple, since the application of these patches causes muscle relaxation, in addition to increasing blood flow, which helps the recovery of tissues in the area injured". All this, added to a pleasant sensation of heat, "reduces the sensation of pain and provides well-being", explains the expert.

It should be taken into account, says the physiotherapist, that "multiple factors intervene in the experience of people with pain." At the sensory level, "there is a physical perception of pain associated with damage to muscle tissue." But this physical discomfort "is accompanied by other additional factors: cognitive, emotional, and behavioral," explains De la Serna.

"Each individual has a subjective perception of pain (cognitive factor)" and "depending on the personality, context and circumstances of each one, the emotional affectation that this causes may be different." The physiotherapist further adds that "all of this affects how the person acts according to the impact that this pain causes, to the point of affecting her day-to-day activity." In what he defines as a "behavioral factor".

Thus, for De la Serna, heat therapy is very useful since "although it intervenes specifically in the physical sphere – the patches are applied to the affected area (lumbar, dorsal or cervical) –, the result has a more than positive effect on the various factors involved in the experience of pain". All of this "translates into a better quality of life for people who suffer from back pain caused by muscle injuries," she concludes.

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