RELEASE: Hisense: How to play the three cards of high-quality growth

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Hisense: How to play the three cards of high-quality growth

(Information sent by the signatory company)

QINGDAO, China, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On Dec. 18, Hisense SVP Fisher Yu delivered a speech at the Hisense Global Partner Conference, announcing that Hisense will continue to establish a range of technology products covering LCD, laser and LED displays to provide a complete home, business and vehicle display system solution.

Hisense refines itself with a comprehensive approach

Hisense, as the world's leading company, is not just a manufacturer of TV products, but a researcher and provider of comprehensive system display solutions.

In recent years, Hisense has always believed that TV competition is all-encompassing. Therefore, in addition to display technology, Hisense has also strived to be excellent in multiple aspects, including audio quality, content, user interface, industrial design, and AIOT, expanding its product layout and pushing the boundaries. of its technological development.

Hisense's three drivers of high-quality growth

According to Yu, Hisense's display technology has reached a whole new level after decades of research and development, and there are three crucial aspects of its high-quality and rapid growth.

The upgrade of ULED technology is at the forefront of Hisense's steady growth because it has brought the picture quality of TVs to a new level. Hisense successfully launched a new generation of ULED X display technology platform and its flagship product U8H. This high-end product contains the 8K AI PQ processor and the industry's first 16-bit light control algorithm, enabling the product to achieve three times the ambient contrast and two times the dynamic range of OLED TV.

The world debut of the 8K Laser TV at the Global Partner Conference represents another driver of Hisense's advancement. Omdia data shows that Hisense owns 51% of the laser TV sales market from January to September this year, ranking in the global TOP 1. Furthermore, through close coordination with partners up and down the supply chain, Hisense has advanced the industry from 2K to 4K, and now to 8K, creating the most watchable and impressive Laser TV.

The expansion of Hisense's product range in LED technology has also contributed to its rapid development. As Yu announced, in the popular field of Micro LED, Hisense independently developed two series of LED direct display products, "Vision One" and "Vision X", which greatly promoted changes in technology and experience of the products.

As an industry pioneer, Hisense is also committed to low-carbon and sustainable development. Their dedication to low carbon and green living applies to the entire process of product development, manufacturing and recycling. For example, Hisense's 100-inch laser TV consumes 1/3 to 1/2 the power of a conventional LCD TV of the same size.

Self-innovation is always the central concept in the development of the Hisense brand. In the future, Hisense will continue to promote the development of display technology, drive industrial upgrading through innovation, and create a new benchmark for high-end TVs.

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