RELEASE: HotelRunner launches "Autopilot", ushering in a new era of intelligent automations based on

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RELEASE: HotelRunner launches "Autopilot", ushering in a new era of intelligent automations based on

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London, March 7, 2023.

HotelRunner, the leading platform for accommodation and travel technologies, launches Autopilot at ITB Berlin 2023. After attracting great attention with its innovative business intelligence platform "Insights", introduced last year, and starting the new year on the right foot thanks to the Recent financing news, HotelRunner introduces its intelligent, intuitive and AI-powered platform to automate sales, distribution and lodging operations

With the goal of automating all the daily operations of a hotel business, from marketing activities to pricing strategies, HotelRunner introduces Autopilot. The new platform leverages the volume of reservations processed on HotelRunner, which exceeds 3 million in the last year alone. Lodging companies can effortlessly apply sophisticated sales and pricing strategies by transferring all of their day-to-day operations and industry expertise to the Autopilot platform as a set of rules and automations. As an industry driver with superior technology, HotelRunner stays ahead of the curve to meet the future needs of all travel and accommodation stakeholders. The Autopilot platform, born from years of research and development and experience in the sector, has been designed in such a way that accommodations can interact with the entire tourism ecosystem. Not only does it allow a store to automate its operations, but it also evolves to encompass the collective knowledge of all industry players who contribute to a store's success. Thus, HotelRunner leads the creation of a pioneering automation market of its kind. With this innovative platform, HotelRunner charts the future of travel technologies."The Autopilot platform is a crucial component of our holistic vision to serve and advance the travel and hospitality industries. We usher in the era of data-driven decision-making data in the hospitality industry with the launch of the Insights platform in November of last year.With Autopilot, we firmly build on this vision, opening the doors of a new era in which software is at the service of people, and not backwards," says Ali Beklen, Founder and Managing Partner of HotelRunner. "With our innovative Autopilot technology, we challenge conventional wisdom in hotel management and bring a new perspective to the industry. By leaving manual processes behind, we offer our partners a effortless efficiency and strive to increase your profitability. Powered by AI and constantly evolving, Autopilot is just the starting point of the revolution we aim to ignite in the travel and hospitality industries. We are setting a new standard for industry players to do business and interact with each other," adds Arden Agopyan, Founder and Managing Partner of HotelRunner. The Autopilot platform enables properties to: - Automate seasonal, holiday and weekend pricing and availability week - Monitor booking activity in real time and take action based on demand - Benefit from AI-powered recommendations and alerts to maximize your profits - Minimize workload with automations that work fully integrated with your PMS and channel manager.HotelRunner Autopilot has been in the closed beta program for a year now and has already helped increase revenue for properties using the platform.Click here for detailed information on the HotelRunner Autopilot platform and to get started.

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