RELEASE: Huawei Cloud at MWC23: Inspiring New Value with Cloud Native

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Huawei Cloud at MWC23: Inspiring New Value with Cloud Native

(Information sent by the signatory company)

BARCELONA, Spain, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Huawei Cloud session at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC23) is under the theme "Unleash Digital and Inspire New Value with Everything as a Service". Mark Chen, Director of Cloud Computing Solution Sales at Huawei, led customers and partners in keynote addresses while launching the European branch of the Cloud Native Elite Club (CNEC) with representatives of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). .

In his speech, Mr. Chen said that Huawei Cloud stands ready to help enterprises go global, enjoy new growth and succeed together with its "Everything as a Service" strategy.

What is "Everything as a Service"?

Infrastructure as a service for global accessibility: Huawei Cloud KooVerse offers latency as low as 50ms around the world. This global cloud infrastructure has 29 Regions and 78 AZs in 170 countries and regions. This year, even more customers will enjoy Huawei Cloud thanks to new regions in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, and Egypt.

Huawei Cloud is a long-standing leader in native cloud. Today, its product portfolio celebrates new additions: Cloud Container Instance (CCI) and Cloud Container Engine (CCE) AutoPilot, teaming up with Ubiquitous Cloud Native Service (UCS) and CCE Turbo. Users now call APIs to use cluster resources and get up to 4,000 containers added in 30 seconds.

The Landing Zone solution helps customers map cloud/IT governance architectures to enterprise architectures. This comprehensive solution coordinates organizations and accounts, finance, identity and access, resources, compliance and audit, and professional services. More than 40 control conditions are global and more than 100 are service specific. With Landing Zone, cloud migration is 80% more efficient and resource utilization is 60% higher.

Technology as a service to facilitate innovation: Huawei Cloud accelerates application modernization with four portfolios: CodeArts for software, DataArts for data, ModelArts for AI, and MetaStudio for digital content.

These portfolios include a number of innovative cloud services and features.

The first is GaussDB, a world-leading cloud-native transaction database, offering 45% better performance in tests, zero RPO for dual clusters between sites, and EAL4 security certification. It makes transactions faster, more stable and more reliable.

Second, Pangu's AI models, pre-trained with 100 billion parameters, have been proven in over 100 use cases across 10 industries including weather, mining, and healthcare.

So MetaStudio, an efficiency booster for content production, allows you to make a virtual human in just one week, not two months. Supports 1,000 virtual humans interacting in 3D space with latency less than 100ms.

Experience as a Service for Shared Excellence: MacroVerse aPaaS is a set of basic aPaaS, industry aPaaS, and SaaS packages based on Huawei's years of digital prowess. Two new releases for core aPaaS are KooSearch and KooMessage. KooSearch is a smart search engine with multiple AI models and more than 50 languages. KooMessage provides APIs to personalize and send messages to 500 million devices of more than 300 types, as well as analyze user data.

Joining forces with global partners, Huawei Cloud offers the Global Business Boosting solution and a new partner network. The solution paves the way for enterprises to go global by providing support in security compliance, application acceleration, smart location, and business services. The partner network incorporates two frameworks, GoCloud and Grow Cloud, to share both technology and success.

The Huawei Cloud session concluded with the launch ceremony of the European branch of CNEC. As a global cloud-native community, CNEC advocates for cloud-native for digital transformation. Its European branch offers a great opportunity for the best local minds to share, grow and delve into cloud native as a catalyst for local digital economies.

Huawei Cloud offers everything as a service with Cloud Native 2.0. Innovations in services, technologies and models are joined by the integration of the cloud in production, consumption and services. Together, Huawei Cloud and customers celebrate cloud migration and inspire new value.

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