RELEASE: Huawei Cloud Launches New AI Solutions with Preferred Cloud for the Middle East and Central Asia

ALMATY, Kazakhstan, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei Cloud held the TechWave Summit Middle East.

RELEASE: Huawei Cloud Launches New AI Solutions with Preferred Cloud for the Middle East and Central Asia

ALMATY, Kazakhstan, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei Cloud held the TechWave Summit Middle East

Held under the theme "AI for Industries", the TechWave Summit brought together Huawei Cloud's leading experts, customers and partners to explore how AI, fueled by the latest cloud developments, is generating new value and accelerating the digital economy.

The TechWave Summit was held on the sidelines of the Huawei Middle East

At the event, Frank Dai, president of Huawei Cloud Middle East

AI for industries accelerating smart upgrade

AI has entered the main production systems and has begun to create greater value. The AI ​​penetration rate in industries has accelerated and will reach 20% by 2026, research data shows. Dr. ZHU Shenggao, Vice President of AI Business, Huawei Cloud Middle East

During his keynote, Dr. ZHU introduced the Huawei Pretrained Model White Paper, which explores topics such as the future of AI, opportunities and challenges of pretrained models, and Pangu Model case studies.

Meanwhile, Huawei Cloud, together with partners PERCENT, Universal Language Tech, and Emotech, launched a series of joint solutions, including five Big Data joint solutions, four AI joint solutions, and three multi-modal AI joint solutions to accelerate intelligence. of the industry.

To further explore the application of AI in all sectors, Huawei Cloud held an AI roundtable together with Professor Peter Sachsenmeier (Member of the German National Academy of Science and Engineering), industry experts and leading companies to share and discuss the latest trends in AI, AI application best practices, the impact of big models on AI adoption, and how to accelerate AI adoption in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Johnny Lyu, Director of International Business at Huawei Cloud Stack, officially launched Huawei Cloud Stack 8.2 in the Middle East and Central Asia. "We look forward to leveraging Huawei Cloud Stack 8.2 to bring new vitality to the hybrid cloud market while accelerating intelligent upgrades and unleashing digital for more businesses," he added.

Regional governments make the leap to the cloud to unleash digital

Driven by progressive regulatory policies and a growing demand for digital services, EM countries

Citing UN statistics, the IDC white paper ranks Kazakhstan as a leader in digitization in Central Eurasia, driven by a high level of public services, regulation, a well-developed IT market, and an educated population equipped with relevant digital skills.

For its part, Uzbekistan has emerged as a leader in digital government. At the event, Uzbekistan's Center for E-Government Deputy Director Makhmudov Khozhiakbarkhon Makhsumovich shared his stance on how Huawei Cloud Stack helped Uzbekistan implement the e-government project management center. As the leading digital enabler in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan E-Government Center is committed to its strategy that "digital technologies are the future of humanity; they foster the growth of all aspects of human life and government, while digitization of data will boost the country's development metrics."

Huawei Cloud aims to build a cloud foundation for an intelligent world with Everything as a Service. Looking ahead, Huawei Cloud will continue to expand its global cloud infrastructure and provide customers, partners, and developers with stable, secure, and sustainable cloud services.


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