RELEASE: Huawei launches Smart Classroom 3.0 solution to accelerate educational intelligence

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RELEASE: Huawei launches Smart Classroom 3.0 solution to accelerate educational intelligence

(Information sent by the signatory company)

BARCELONA, Spain, February 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- At MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei introduced the Smart Classroom 3.0 solution. This solution features enhanced AI teaching analytics capabilities and was launched in the session titled “Leading Infrastructure to Accelerate Educational Intelligence.” The solution creates an intelligent and interactive teaching environment where teachers can adopt new and exciting teaching methods.

Wind Li, CEO of Global Public Sector BU, Huawei, said in his keynote speech: "Growing up in the Internet era as digital natives, we have a natural inclination towards the use of ICT. Modern education tends to create a digital and intelligent educational ecosystem, improving the digital literacy of both teachers and students, and fostering innovative talent for the future. Huawei collaborates with industry partners to build a digital and intelligent foundation for the education industry that has high standards and performance, using cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data. Through innovative teaching and management methods, we aim to shape the future of education."

According to Frank Huang, educational solutions expert at Huawei's Global Public Sector BU, Huawei's smart classroom has been evolving from digital to hybrid and, now, to Smart Classroom 3.0. Through technologies such as AI and cloud computing, it creates an intelligent teaching system that enables flexible, personalized teaching and precise and efficient teaching management.

Huawei Smart Classroom 3.0 solution uses AI educational models to intelligently analyze and retrieve course content. It also generates knowledge graphs, allowing for flexible lesson preparation and personalized learning. This solution analyzes teaching activities and classroom conditions to support the analysis and evaluation of teaching, making educational management efficient. Use IdeaHub to get a wealth of online digital resources to facilitate student-centered online and offline interactive teaching and exploration.

Huawei's smart classroom solution helps global education customers build a new smart teaching ecosystem. In Europe, Huawei has helped Serbia's Ministry of Education build smart classrooms in more than 200 primary and secondary schools. This has enabled sharing of digital teaching resources and flexible distance learning, ultimately providing high-quality education for the benefit of all students. In China, Ningxia University has partnered with Huawei to create a smart teaching ecosystem that integrates teaching, learning, assessment and management. This includes the construction of 300 future classrooms to facilitate flexible hybrid teaching and precise pedagogical management.

Huawei has served more than 5,000 ministries of education, educational management organizations at all levels, colleges and universities, and research institutes in more than 120 countries and regions, helping them implement intelligence in education.

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