RELEASE: Humanizing digitization, the key to the Insurance Revolution 2022

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Humanizing digitization, the key to the Insurance Revolution 2022

(Information sent by the signatory company)

"The human factor is irreplaceable, especially in our sector", José Luis Tirador, Commercial Director of Allianz Partners, participated in the panel of experts 'Customer

At the gates of a new year, there are many sectors that seek to channel their efforts to offer quality and differential services to their clients, and the 'Insurance Revolution' is the space in which dozens of companies in the insurance sector meet to review all of it. In this 9th edition of the meeting, the insurance industry once again questions the future of the sector and proposes the use of technology as an essential tool for the evolution of insurance ecosystems.

Allianz Partners once again participated in this new edition of the meeting, represented by José Luis Tirador, Commercial Director of Allianz Partners Spain, and who was part of the panel of experts 'Customer

Among the most outstanding points of the day, he highlighted the commitment of the entities to listen to the client, a necessary action to offer innovative and quality services that respond to their needs and that are also within their reach. It is a vision that they say: "will lead the way to create the solutions of the present and the future".

In this context, José Luis Tirador assures that "at Allianz Partners we work mainly in 4 ecosystems with elements that respond to the specific needs that we have discovered. For example, in our Health line we have created a solution that provides protection against serious diseases and that allows access to international health. We also have a solution called 'Family Care' and dedicated to families and the senior group".

In the case of Mobility, the Allianz Partners expert highlighted the company's commitment to sustainable mobility and micromobility, as well as the solutions in its Travel line, designed for frequent travelers. Lastly, he also spoke of the need to digitize the management of Home claims, in order to facilitate access to information and processing for the client.

Regarding technologies and new channels, the experts agreed that digital advances within the insurance sector are a fact. However, they are not everything. According to Tirador, "digitization allows us to be where it was not possible before. It gives us the possibility of multiplying our reach and providing facilities, including payment, to our clients. Although the human factor is irreplaceable; especially in our sector."

On the other hand, and focused on the future, the panel of experts concluded by agreeing that the insurance sector will continue to evolve based on customer needs, responding in a differentiated way through the preferred channels of each generation and adapting to the new consumption models, all linked to digitization and new technologies.

In the case of Allianz Partners, José Luis Tirador adds "we are evolving in the provision of services with interesting technologies, such as teleconsultation, which has an increasing place in our society, or the autonomous car, which can change the way in which we move. These and other advances leave us with a clear vision of what we will experience in the short term. However, although digitization and technology is part of our day-to-day life and we must use it as a vehicle for a better provision of services, the human aspect has to prevail".


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