RELEASE: Investor communication company Pedrosa Richardson begins serving global listed companies from London

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Investor communication company Pedrosa Richardson begins serving global listed companies from London

(Information sent by the signatory company)

LONDON, Dec. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Investor relations and financial communication firm Pedrosa Richardson has just launched its international operations from London, with the aim of supporting listed companies around the world.

The company begins operations with half a dozen initial clients, and the objective is to take advantage of its experience and alliances in the stock markets and the media for the benefit of publicizing its value propositions.

The company has the category of Premium Provider in OTC Markets, and strategic alliances in the environments of Euronext, Aquis in London or BIVA in Mexico.

Pedrosa Richardson's mission is to raise the profile and disseminate the financial narratives of public companies to the investment community in the US, UK and European markets, in order to increase the presence and perception of value of its clients in the bags.

Based in London, Pedrosa Richardson is present in New York (USA), Madrid (Spain), from where he oversees its operations in the EU, and Almaty (Kazakhstan), from where he works for Central Asia.

"A key differentiator of publicly traded companies, beyond their financial position, is their ability to raise their public profile and increase their visibility. Investor communication efforts clearly increase the market value of companies" , explained Max Richardson, CEO of the company.

Pedrosa Richardson's management has developed over the years its own methodology that unites strategy and technology, and the ability to advise both managers and boards of directors of listed companies, and companies in the pre-IPO phase. , and that they expect to make the leap at some point to the international capital markets.

Taking advantage of an agile, fast and digital model, the founders work on the premise that investor communication and investor relations strategies require elements of artificial intelligence and data analysis.

The firm's two principal partners, Ramón Pedrosa López and Max Richardson, are specialists in their respective fields, with over four decades of combined experience developing and executing campaigns for LSE-listed issuers, OTC Markets, Euronext and other capital markets.

Considered one of the industry's leading strategists, Pedrosa has published his insights in The New York Times and Forbes. He has advised private companies on their public relations and investor relations strategies and has worked from London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Madrid, Valletta, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Mexico City.

Richardson has established himself over two decades in the communications industry, coordinating the global efforts of NASDAQ listed companies, European banks, infrastructure conglomerates, and international energy and mining corporations.

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