RELEASE: Ipsos MMA Ranked "Leader" in Unified Marketing and Business Measurement

-Ipsos MMA ranked as a "Leader" in unified marketing and business measurement by an independent research firm.

RELEASE: Ipsos MMA Ranked "Leader" in Unified Marketing and Business Measurement

-Ipsos MMA ranked as a "Leader" in unified marketing and business measurement by an independent research firm

The Company continues its leadership in the global market by leveraging innovative, high-impact teams and solutions to help clients achieve their financial and brand goals.

NEW YORK, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Ipsos MMA, an Ipsos Company, and a global leader in helping companies understand and optimize their marketing, pricing and promotion strategies, sales force, sponsorship, and paid operational investments , owned and earned, was named a "Leader" in The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Measurement and Optimization, Q3 2023. MMA works closely and collaboratively with its clients and agency partners to plan, measure, evaluate, and recalibrate their marketing and business investments to optimize business and financial objectives of the upper, middle and lower funnel.

De The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Measurement And Optimization Solutions, 3T 2023:

"We recognize that Unified Marketing Measurement must align with our clients' investment objectives, as well as take into account increasingly challenging market conditions and evolving advertising dynamics. Executives must be able to make decisions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. , not just quarterly or semi-annually.At every step of the end-to-end process, we identify and create value by operating in "Customer Time," identifying advantages from data, analytics, and demand signals that our customers can recognize and take advantage of. Measurement solutions must be able to read, evaluate and dynamically recalibrate," said Patrick Cummings, CEO of Ipsos MMA. "This requires an 'always on and always connected' approach and team. There must be a constant revolution when it comes to enabling and supporting our client partners and their agencies with capabilities that successfully meet their schedules, brand and financial goals. "

"Our consistency and deep understanding of our clients' businesses have resulted in Ipsos MMA being consistently recognized as a leader in the Unified Marketing Measurement industry. Our clients entrust us with billions of dollars in their marketing and business budgets each year. We take it very seriously," Cummings said. "With accurate and transparent measurement, you can act with confidence when changing and optimizing investment scenarios."

"Ipsos MMA's ability to materially improve the brand and financial results of our client partners is critical to our mutual success and has led to unprecedented and record growth over the past two years," said Doug Brooks, Director of Clients for Ipsos MMA. Ipsos MMA. "Over the last 20 months, Ipsos MMA has received 95% of the RFPs we have participated in. Over the same period, we have retained nearly 100% of our client base while our client partners continue to benefit from improved business performance through through optimizing and validating your investment decisions Our relentless focus on driving understanding, trust, adoption and integration in a transparent and collaborative manner, as well as our ability to scale Unified Marketing Measurement programs globally globally, has been instrumental in getting our customers to embrace what we do together to make them more successful," said Brooks.

From our clients:

"Unified Marketing Measurement has become an essential way for marketers to determine the success of their campaigns and optimize their media/marketing mix and omnichannel strategies. The Ipsos MMA platform prioritizes correct customer attribution by including online and offline data visibility, as well as incorporating synergistic and halo effects into the modeling approach, it is also able to deliver a holistic measurement scheme despite discontinuities in healthcare data, thus providing insights reliable data-based at a granular level of understanding."

--Arvind Balasundaram, executive director, Commercial Insights

"At Prudential, we are on an exciting journey of transformation, optimizing our marketing reach, brand building and customer experience, of which Unified Measurement is a core component. Without it, our print-focused advertising, like TV and banner ads, is dwarfed by easier-to-track, click-focused activities like search. Unified is essential to understanding how all channels synergize, providing scientifically-backed attribution rates to help us grow profitably."

-- Jadon Wellman, VP de Marketing Effectiveness, Prudential

"The success of our Unified Marketing Attribution capability has been driven by a well-defined data strategy that works synergistically with our unified analytics that capture marketing, operations, and external factors in a way that allows us to directly address our marketing decisions. investment in media.This is essential for transparency of ongoing model validation feedback loops and cross-functional collaboration with Ipsos MMA and our partner agencies."

-- Susan Noonan, director senior, Integrated Media, Petsmart

"We continue to aggressively mine broader, deeper, richer and more relevant insights, delivered on 'customer time' through our ecosystem and data partnerships, while at the same time leveraging advances in data and analytics along with machine learning and artificial intelligence. We have quadrupled our innovation and development teams in the last year, adding significant capacity and scale so that we can continue to move rapidly, adapting to changing conditions," said Cummings. "We are working closely with our talented team, clients and a diverse set of value-focused Ipsos offerings to identify and leverage cross-platform synergies to maximize return on investment from our collective data, analytics, attitude insights and technologies, particularly in the areas of global trends, branding, creative and social media. Ipsos can uniquely leverage our partner clients with these more holistic and integrated insights."

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