RELEASE: Jot Down launches its Sport magazine, with the great sports stories

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Jot Down launches its Sport magazine, with the great sports stories

(Information sent by the signatory company)

On November 20, the cultural magazine Jot Down launched Jot Down Sports, a commitment to quality journalism and slow journalism in sports, with the three characteristics that define Jot Down magazine: rigor, depth and entertainment.

Jot Down Sport has reached 150,000 unique users in January, doubling the number of visits to quality sports websites such as Panenka or Líbero Magazine. (Similarweb source) highlighting that there is a high demand for sports journalism publications with other approaches. Jot Down Sport makes a firm commitment to women's sports, minority sports, great sports stories, and scientific, technological, and business analysis of the sector.

The new sports medium is directed by Álvaro Corazón Rural, founding partner and prestigious journalist of Jot Down. Corazón Rural is one of the most valued authors of Jot Down due to his well-known interviews. A regular firm in Valencia Plaza, a contributor to different national media such as El Confidencial, and with a long history of collaboration with FC Barcelona as a communicator, Álvaro directs Jot Down Sports from the ethical and aesthetic bases that have been attracting millions of readers to Jot Down from 2011.

Jot Down Sports is characterized by alternating current affairs with long in-depth interviews, sports history and social reporting. Renowned firms, journalists and writers have already joined its cast of collaborators. Among other regular collaborators, Jot Down Sport has firms such as Enrique Ballester, collaborator of El Periódico and Levante EMV, and author of El fútbol no te da de comer, Gemma Herrero, collaborator at As, El Confidencial and Mundo Deportivo, Miguel Gutiérrez from La Van Gal's notebook, and author of the books It seemed like a good signing and Football Phrases. Andrea Menéndez, specialist in women's soccer, a reference in tweetliterature, and author of 13 in Planeta de Libros, Sergio Cortina, collaborator in As and author of Leaving the Dark Street and Marcos Pereda, author of thirteen books between sports and fiction, and well known for his chronicles on cycling. More than seventy collaborators whose team is regularly joined by new firms.

Jot Down Sports is also a transmedia project that will not be limited to the text format. How objectives in the short and medium term is to launch a podcast and a twitch channel.