RELEASE: Kaus Studio, the new sustainable fashion firm

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Kaus Studio, the new sustainable fashion firm

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 14, 2023.

Under the slogan "Quality pieces made from Stardust", this firm born in Madrid understands fashion as an essential means of expression, and likewise a form of art, maintaining a serious commitment to both its clients and the environment.

Kaus was born in the year 2022, when two friends and former classmates decided to get excited and start a project together. Ceren and Ana, creators and ambassadors of the firm, worked in the fashion sector after finishing their studies and repeatedly talked about starting a firm together. Finally, in October of last year, what began as a pending wish, materialized. The name, logo and slogan of the brand come from the brightest star in the constellation Sagittarius: Kaus Australis. Both ambassadors are Sagittarius and share a passion for the universe and the cosmos. His idea was to try to implement more sustainable processes in fashion, working in local workshops, producing limited quantities to avoid overproduction and designing his own prints, thus guaranteeing the exclusivity of his garments. Kaus takes great care of all the details of his designs, so that they always maintain the best quality. For the firm, fabrics are fundamental, which is why they use recycled, ecological and vegan fabrics (vegan silk) of the best quality. Cupro is their main material, which they call "Vegan Silk". The touch and drape is the same as silk, but it is made with cotton or linen fibers. They also work with 100% linen and cotton, in order to offer occasional looks and resort wear. That part is very important for the brand, showing a deep passion towards handmade products and stamping them with unique designs. The production takes place in very small workshops where they know that the conditions and labor codes are ethical and there is no type of of human mistreatment or precarious salary. That part is very important for the firm. In addition, they are collaborating with a group of women in Türkiye who make their hand-woven bags, and in turn donate a percentage of the profit generated by their sale to an NGO that helps orphaned children in Syria. Currently they only sell their products to through their website, although they also serve in their private showroom and from time to time they organize pop ups in different stores in the capital. To see all their dresses and articles, do not hesitate to consult their website.

Contact Contact name: Federico Pinilla Contact description: Federico Pinilla Contact telephone number: 91 575 7121