RELEASE: La Torta del Casar organizes a new edition of 'The Taste of a Territory'

Madrid, April 3.

RELEASE: La Torta del Casar organizes a new edition of 'The Taste of a Territory'

Madrid, April 3

Casar de Cáceres, April 3. – The Regulatory Council of the Torta del Casar Protected Designation of Origin organizes the seventh edition of 'El Sabor de Un Territorio' from April 3 to June 11, 2023. It is a promotional action that has the collaboration of some of the most emblematic hotels in Extremadura, coinciding with the high season in the tourism sector.

This initiative aims to promote gastronomic tourism, a key sector for the economic development of the region, offering visitors the chance to stay in almost twenty unique hotels and at the same time enjoy its gastronomy, in which the Torta del Casar, one of the most recognized cheeses in Spain, acts as hostess.

Thus, tourists who visit Extremadura and stay in the participating hotels, located in privileged places, will be able to live a unique gourmet experience, enjoying the fusion between nature, history and the best gastronomy of the Torta del Casar territory.

For the president of the Regulatory Council, Ángel Pacheco, "when talking about a product with Designation of Origin, reference is made to the result of all the factors that make up the territory from which it originates: its nature, history, culture and know-how of their peoples". "In this sense, we want to show the people who visit us the relationship between our Torta del Casar and that environment that makes it unique", concluded Pacheco.

Club Torta del Casar

In this new edition, the advantages that customers of the 'Club Torta del Casar' can enjoy are extended. Activities include different experiences around cheese, such as visits to certified cheese factories with Torta del Casar tasting or to the pastoral culture interpretation center; invitations to the Trujillo Cheese Fair; raffles for Torta del Casar cheeses and batches of gourmet products, as well as gastronomic experiences in some of the participating hotels.

In addition, as a novelty this year, the online store of La Torta del Casar will be launched, which will have special discounts for Club Torta del Casar members. Its implementation is scheduled at the end of Easter, which will allow you to enjoy the covered product throughout the year in almost all of Spain.

The director of the Regulatory Council, Javier Muñoz, explained that in 2022 they launched the Torta del Casar Club “with the aim of making it last over time and not only during the campaign, but it did not work as expected. But this year and with the lessons learned, we are in a position to offer many advantages to those people who stay at the participating hotels and continue the project”. "Our goal is also to expand the advantages offered to those registered in the Club, and thus build their loyalty around the Casar del Casar Cake as a product, but also as an experience", concluded Muñoz.

17 unique participating hotels located in 16 tourist destinations in Extremadura

17 hotels with restaurants have joined this seventh edition that are committed to quality gastronomy that identifies the territory and products from Extremadura with Denomination of Origin.

In this new edition of 'El Sabor de un Territorio', there are still the most emblematic and renowned hotels in Extremadura, located in historic buildings such as palaces, convents, monasteries, castles, others linked to gastronomy such as wine cellars or factories of flour and even new concepts of rural boutique hotels.

These spaces are located in tourist environments of great value that stand out for their cultural and historical attractions such as the cities of Cáceres, a World Heritage Site, Plasencia, Guadalupe or the Trujillo region; natural and scenic spaces such as the UNESCO spaces of the Monfragüe National Park, the Tagus International Transborder Biosphere Reserve and the Villuercas Ibores Jara Geopark; regions of great diversity such as those of Cacereña in the north of Extremadura: La Vera, Jerte, Valle del Ambroz, Sierra de Gata, Las Hurdes and Valle del Alagón. In the province of Badajoz establishments located in very attractive tourist destinations such as the regions of Olivenza, Tentudía, Campiña Sur and Tierra de Barros.

This 2023, in addition to the complete network of Hospederías de Extremadura, highly prestigious rural hotels, Desconecta2 and Soterraña, have been incorporated, which join the establishments adhered to in the last edition such as the Hotel Bodega El Moral and the Monastery of Rocamador. The offer is completed with other establishments faithful to the campaign such as NH Palacio de Oquendo and Hospes Palacio de los Arenales in Cáceres capital, Palacio Carvajal Girón in Plasencia, Hospedería del Real Monasterio in Guadalupe, and the rural hotel verato de Abadía de Yuste in Cuacos of Yuste.

Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.) Torta del Casar

D.O.P. Torta del Casar are made only in cheese factories registered with the Regulating Council, which works every day to guarantee its origin and quality, controlling the purity of the production process for the full safety and confidence of consumers.

The Protected Designation of Origin protects this cheese of ancient tradition and unique and differentiating qualities. Therefore, when you want to enjoy an authentic D.O.P. Torta del Casar, you have to look for its exclusive control label in which the logo of the Regulatory Council is attached to that of the European Union, the only guarantee that the choice made and international recognition.

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