RELEASE: Less stress to avoid muscle pain and contractures

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RELEASE: Less stress to avoid muscle pain and contractures

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Barcelona, ​​November 17, 2022.

Muscle tension from stress can present with symptoms such as aches, pain in the affected area, and even general stiffness. It has been associated with headaches, chronic muscle pain, contractures, and even muscle spasms. According to the physiotherapist Pablo de la Serna, "there are more and more people suffering from pain due to musculoskeletal disorders caused by stress"

Work overload, worries or an unhealthy lifestyle, in addition to other factors that generate prolonged stress over time, can cause muscle tension. "Beyond being an emotional condition, which must be handled from a psychological perspective, the consequences of continued stress also affect a physical level," explains physiotherapist and expert in heat therapy Pablo de la Serna. The expert explains that "the Muscular tension is the rigidity caused by the continuous contraction of one or more muscles, even at rest, which can be caused by various physical diseases, but also by other factors such as incorrect postures, psychological alterations or stress". When stress is maintained for a long time, the constant tension causes the muscles not to relax and contractures appear. "The pain caused by these contractures," explains the physiotherapist, "is also limited on a physical level and, with the Lack of movement further decreases blood flow and tissue oxygenation, which worsens the situation and creates a vicious circle from which it is not always easy to get out". The muscles of the face, neck, shoulders and back are the areas more affected by muscle tension due to stress. To reverse these symptoms, according to de la Serna, "the most important thing is to do everything possible to avoid it, both from an emotional and psychological point of view, as well as from a physical one. Learn to prioritize, relativize and relax, while following a a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy diet, physical activity appropriate to each condition and age, and resting the necessary hours, are the best weapons to fight against stress and thus avoid contractures", he clarifies.Once the contractures have appeared they must be treated as soon as possible "to avoid entering the vicious circle of less movement and more pain," says the expert. "Beyond the drugs prescribed by the doctor or recommended by the pharmacy, physiotherapy and heat therapy are highly recommended options, since these treatments can be complementary to medications." Thus, "to reduce musculoskeletal pain neck, shoulders and back, either as an exclusive treatment or as an adjunct, heat patches can be used", explains de la Serna. These patches contain a combination of minerals –iron, coal, salt- and water, which, when they come into contact with the air, release heat for several hours. The benefits of this therapy are the relaxation of the muscles, an increase in blood flow that helps the recovery of tissues in the injured area, while reducing the sensation of pain [1]. All this has "an effect more than positive in the various components involved in the experience of pain", says the physiotherapist, "which translates into a better quality of life for people who suffer from musculoskeletal pain caused by muscle tension due to stress". Angelini Pharma Angelini Pharma is committed to consistently giving patients hope with a focus on mental health, including pain, rare diseases and consumer health. Angelini Pharma is an "Integrated Company" with extensive and renowned R&D programs, "World Class" manufacturing facilities, and international marketing activities for market-leading active ingredients and medicines. For more information, visit Angelini Pharma Spain is a century-old pharmaceutical company with more than 40 years of establishment in Spain and a young and dynamic mentality. "We are moved by our passion for our patients, and for this reason we are committed to constantly evolving and innovating to improve their quality of life. We grow together with our partners, basing our collaboration on what defines us: integrity, courage and passion." You can find more information about Angelini Pharma Spain at [1] Nadler SF, Weingand K, Kruse RJ. The physiological basis and clinical applications of cryotherapy and thermotherapy for the pain practitioner. Pain Physician: 2004:7:395-399.

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