RELEASE: LITEON Introduces 5G Private Network RAN ​​Solutions And Beyond At MWC 2023

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: LITEON Introduces 5G Private Network RAN ​​Solutions And Beyond At MWC 2023

(Information sent by the signatory company)

BARCELONA, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- At MWC Barcelona 2023, LITEON Technology presents private 5G solutions for different use cases. It gives the operator and system integrator the capabilities to provide more accurate coverage and better overall connectivity by overcoming the challenges associated with spectrum shortages in dense areas of the country.

Increase indoor-to-outdoor coverage to support composite private network scenarios

For more composite and diverse 5G private network scenarios, such as train station, campus, and shopping mall, LITEON released the latest product, semi-outdoor solution, which features high transmission power and supports two different RAN architectures of AIO and O-RU. Take under-seat WiFi as an example, unlike other current stadium solutions, LITEON's semi-outdoor RAN solution offers better and faster connections while significantly reducing the number of small cell locations. It is capable of replacing hundreds of Wi-Fi access points with just a dozen semi-outdoor 5G RANs covering a huge area, and the connectivity and signal strength around the stadium can still meet customers' expectations.

Provide 5G small cell and O-RAN products to create efficient smart factory applications

As the Industry 4.0 paradigm gains momentum, reliable data networks are key differentiators in factory and manufacturing performance. Building on private 5G networks, LITEON's 5G small cell and O-RAN products with Sub-6 spectrum and mmWave will offer an unprecedented end-to-end integrated 5G test network to test specific industrial applications according to specifications of updated 5G standardization.

LITEON Collaborates with Telecom Partners to Show Indoor Deployment Solution Beyond 5G mmWave

Another innovative demonstration by LITEON is the indoor deployment solution with mmWave RU and Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS), which can be attached to walls to make them "smart" by redirecting existing radio waves within a target area without emitting waves additional or consume energy. This solution improves the coverage and performance of a mmWave network.

Moving to 5G further increases the importance of high-quality mmWave engineering in implementing smart solutions and densification strategies to bolster high capacity and extended coverage. With our association with RIS solutions, LITEON is well positioned to meet all the expectations of each of our customers.

By incorporating the latest and most advanced equipment and functionality from LITEON, LITEON's 5G and beyond solutions will make it easier for customers to tackle private network challenges.

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