RELEASE: Lithium Ion Battery Using X-SEPA(TM) from 3DOM Alliance: Long Life at High Temperature (2)

-Lithium-ion battery using 3DOM Alliance's X-SEPA(TM) achieves long life in high-temperature conditions, exceeding conventional battery life in normal temperature.

RELEASE: Lithium Ion Battery Using X-SEPA(TM) from 3DOM Alliance: Long Life at High Temperature (2)

-Lithium-ion battery using 3DOM Alliance's X-SEPA(TM) achieves long life in high-temperature conditions, exceeding conventional battery life in normal temperature

Aims to boost electrification in the hottest regions of the world with a battery life of approximately 9,000 cycles at 60℃

TOKYO, April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- 3DOM Alliance Inc. ("3DOM Alliance") today announced the development of a lithium-ion battery with the company's proprietary X-SEPA™ separator and high-temperature resistant electrolyte Optimized for use in high temperature environments. Data from charge and discharge cycle life tests show that the battery life under high temperature conditions exceeds that of conventional batteries under normal temperature conditions. The 3DOM Alliance expects the useful life to reach approximately 9,000 cycles.

Developed by the 3DOM Alliance, the X-SEPA™ is comprised of multiple layers of 3DOM (Three-Dimensional Ordered Macroporous) separators, which are highly heat-resistant polyimide membranes containing a uniform three-dimensional matrix of pores. This contributes to longer battery life, as well as increased reliability, heat resistance, and high-speed charging and discharging. Preparing for mass production, the 3DOM Alliance began providing X-SEPA™ samples in February 2023.

The global decarbonization movement has raised the growing need for electric mobility solutions, especially in developing countries, many of which are among the hottest regions in the world. However, high temperatures cause degradation of the general purpose electrolyte, significantly reducing battery life. This hinders the practicality of battery electrification and contributes to increased manufacturing, waste, and costs.

In response to market needs in high-temperature regions, the 3DOM Alliance has developed a lithium-ion battery with long life in high-temperature conditions by using X-SEPA™ in combination with a high-temperature resistant electrolyte. . The high-temperature resistant electrolyte suppresses degradation in high-temperature environments due to its high viscosity and high boiling point, but it has been difficult to use in lithium-ion batteries because its high viscosity makes it incompatible with high-temperature polypropylene separators. general use. In contrast, the highly porous structure of X-SEPA™ and the high wettability of its polyimide material to organic electrolytes allow the use of electrolytes with high viscosity and high boiling points.

3DOM Alliance conducted a 60℃ charge-discharge cycle life test to assess the life and durability of batteries equipped with X-SEPA™ and high-temperature resistant electrolyte compared to batteries using a general purpose separator and electrolyte. As shown in Figure 1, interim results from ongoing tests show that the battery equipped with X-SEPA™ and high temperature resistant electrolyte demonstrates significantly higher capacity retention. Even under high temperature conditions, the charge-discharge cycle life of this battery exceeds the charge-discharge cycle life of conventional batteries in a normal temperature environment.

As shown in Figure 2, 3DOM Alliance estimates that the battery equipped with X-SEPA™ and high temperature resistant electrolyte can achieve a charge and discharge life cycle of approximately 9,000 cycles when the end of life is set to a retention capacity of 60%. The 3DOM Alliance plans to verify this through ongoing testing and announce more results as they become available.

3DOM Alliance subsidiary noco-noco Pte. Ltd. ("noco-noco"), a Singapore-based decarbonization solutions provider, plans to provide X-SEPATM-equipped batteries through services that take advantage of the features of the resulting battery, including long life in high temperature conditions. Noco-noco is currently working to introduce 3DOM Alliance's battery technology into mobility applications through multiple projects in Southeast Asia, including an electric minibus project with Assemblepoint Co., Ltd. announced earlier this month. Using X-SEPA™, noco-noco aims to address the need for batteries that can achieve higher performance and sustainability in hot climates to accelerate electrification in target markets such as South and Southeast Asia.

About 3DOM Alliance Inc.

Established in Japan in 2014, 3DOM Alliance Inc. strives to solve environmental problems through research and development of cutting-edge technologies and business models that promote decarbonization and green conservation. For more information about 3DOM Alliance Inc., please visit

About noco-noco Pte. Ltd.

noco-noco Pte. Ltd. is a decarbonisation solutions provider working to accelerate the global transformation towards a carbon neutral economy and an affiliate of the 3DOM Alliance. By using X-SEPA™, a proprietary multi-layer battery separator, and by providing sustainable mobility services and an innovative energy management platform, noco-noco addresses the need for clean, affordable and sustainable energy solutions. For more information on noco-noco, visit

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