RELEASE: Macrogen Becomes First Company to Bring NovaSeq X Plus to Korea

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RELEASE: Macrogen Becomes First Company to Bring NovaSeq X Plus to Korea

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 10

Macrogen has completed installation of its first NovaSeq X Plus at its Genome Center in Korea and is preparing to install additional units this year, bringing the total to five computers at the company's subsidiaries in Korea, Japan, and Europe. With this collaboration Macrogen shows a strong commitment to its business and will focus on the rapid and accurate sequencing of large-scale genomes.

Macrogen, a global company specializing in genome sequencing, completed the installation of NovaseqX Plus on March 6, the first company to adopt NovaSeq X Plus, a high-precision whole genome sequencing system developed by US-d Illumina in Korea.With NovaSeq X Plus fully installed, Macrogen will be able to operate with the most innovative system. Following this first installation at the Korean Genome Center, Macrogen will proceed to install four more units at its global subsidiaries, including in Japan and Europe, as well as at Psomagen, its US partner company, for a total of five. NovaSeq X Plus equipment in their labs later this year. Featuring the latest in innovative technologies, NovaSeq X Plus has dramatically increased annual throughput for genome sequencing from approximately 8,000 to over 20,000 complete genomes, representing an increase of 2.5 times. Macrogen plans to dramatically increase its throughput with the help of NovaSeq X Plus, which will serve as a growth engine for its sequencing business. Macrogen Vice President Eungryong Lee is proud to say that Macrogen is one of the first companies in the market to offer its customers the latest sequencing technologies represented by NovaSeq X Plus. This will help dramatically increase Macrogen's sequencing capabilities and, in turn, fuel the growth of the company and the genome sequencing business. The goal is to not only strengthen the status as the sequencing market leader in Korea, but also have a good position in the global market, so that we can accelerate revenue growth both in Korea and abroad. Rob McBride, Illumina's general manager in Korea, notes that Macrogen is one of their most respected global partners and the first in Korea to receive NovaSeq X. With this collaboration, Illumina and Macrogen look forward to leveraging the benefits that NovaSeq X can offer their customers. customers. Meanwhile, last September, Macrogen became the only Korean company to join Illumina's dazzling list of four global partners in launching NovaSeq X, whose other members include the Broad Institute, deCODE genetics and Regeneron Genetics Center.The NovaSeq X device offers a dramatic improvement over existing sequencers in terms of speed, scale, accuracy, and sustainability, it also offers notable improvement in the following areas:• 2X speed and up to 3X accuracy .• 2.5 times more throughput, thanks to the highest resolution optics and ultra-high-density flow cells.• High-precision secondary analysis n and fully automated with 5x lossless data compression. • Reduced packaging waste with more heat-stable reagents. The revolutionary technology is expected to offer a major inflection point in the advancement of genomic medicine, including cancer treatments and research into genetic diseases, promoting an improvement in the quality of human health.

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