RELEASE: Majorel presents MAIA, a new concept of AI applied to customer experience

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Majorel presents MAIA, a new concept of AI applied to customer experience

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 2023. Majorel, the world leader in next-generation customer experience services for digital native brands and leaders in their sectors of activity, today presented MAIA (Majorel Artificial Intelligence Assistant), a totally innovative proposal to bring digitalization to and AI to a new level in customer experience services.

MAIA, is a new brand within the Majorel ecosystem, which was born as a 'start-up' fully developed by the Majorel Spain team to offer companies in any sector a new customer service model that provides higher value experiences using the Artificial Intelligence as a differentiating element.

"MAIA is one more step in our commitment to customer experience, combining the use of the most advanced technologies with the advice of experts in digital strategy, we achieve that excellent Customer experience", says Íñigo Arribalzaga, CEO of Majorel IBILAT.

MAIA provides solutions based on artificial intelligence capable of interacting with people in a natural and dynamic way, through spoken or written language, and successfully solving all customer needs. It helps each industry, considering its particularities and challenges, in the digital transformation of its service model. MAIA thus allows companies to increase customer satisfaction and achieve significant efficiencies

"MAIA combines a technological platform based on AI, experts in digital strategy and Majorel's customer experience know-how to achieve a unique proposal that really responds to the needs of companies", explains Eduardo Balseiros, Chief Digital

In this sense, the main advantage of MAIA for companies is the possibility of finding in a single solution the technological base, knowledge in customer experience and the design for a digital strategy in an ecosystem of acceleration and innovation. "Currently this usually requires the hiring of different companies to develop each phase of the project, while MAIA integrates everything into an adapted and personalized service that offers the end customer excellence, quality and agility in services", concludes Balseiros.

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