RELEASE: MCERTS Certificate: Oizom's Dustroid redefines standards in environmental monitoring

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: MCERTS Certificate: Oizom's Dustroid redefines standards in environmental monitoring

(Information sent by the signatory company)

AHMEDABAD, India, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Oizom is proud to announce its latest achievement: Dustroid air quality monitor has successfully obtained MCERTS certification. This significant achievement, awarded by CSA Group (Sira) on behalf of the Environment Agency (EA), highlights Dustroid's compliance with the stringent MCERTS performance standards for indicative ambient particulate matter monitors.

MCERTS certification represents an important milestone, adding a layer of credibility and trust to Dustroid's capabilities in air quality monitoring. MCERTS establishes a comprehensive framework for evaluating the performance of air, land and water emissions monitoring equipment. Achieving this certification means that Dustroid meets and exceeds the high data quality standards necessary for accurate ambient air monitoring.

Dustroid is excellent at measuring particles, particularly PM2.5 and PM10, with remarkable accuracy. This makes it an essential air quality dust monitor for tracking pollution events in sectors with high dust emissions, such as construction sites, mining areas and demolition zones. Its accurate, real-time data collection has been proven vital to maintaining environmental compliance and protecting public health.

Kruti Davda, Environmental Lead at Oizom, shared his thoughts: "Dustroid's MCERTS certification is more than an achievement; it is a commitment to excellence. It ensures that industries that rely on us for air quality monitoring can do so with complete confidence, knowing that they comply with environmental regulations.

This certification not only enhances Dustroid's reputation in the regulatory market, but also positions it as an accredited and cost-effective solution for accurate and reliable data collection. This is crucial for making informed decisions in regulatory contexts, making Dustroid the preferred choice for industries subject to strict environmental standards.

With advanced technology and MCERTS certification, Dustroid cements its status as a pioneer in air quality monitoring. It stands as a symbol of reliability and precision, providing comprehensive air quality monitoring solutions across various sectors.

About Oizom:

Oizom is an innovative technology company specialized in environmental monitoring solutions. The company is recognized for its advanced air quality monitoring systems, which are designed to accurately track a wide range of environmental parameters. Oizom solutions are instrumental in providing air quality management data, helping to mitigate pollution and improve public health.

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