RELEASE: mesoestetic® joins forces with S'Young International to start a new chapter of growth in China

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: mesoestetic® joins forces with S'Young International to start a new chapter of growth in China

(Information sent by the signatory company)

SHANGHAI, Dec. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --

S'Young International ("S'Young" or "the Company") hosted an online signing ceremony on December 22 to mark and celebrate the strategic cooperation with mesoestetic®, a leading Spanish manufacturer of beauty products, in which S'Young will provide business solutions to help mesoestetic strengthen its brand image and positioning as it is about to open a new chapter of growth in China.

Juan Carlos Font Mas, founder and president of mesoestetic, has declared: "In a market as large and challenging as the Chinese one, it is rare to find a partner as professional and with such good results as S'Young, who understands the Spanish business. I hope deeper collaboration and more opportunities for offline conversations."

The renewed partnership builds on the previous business alliance the two formed in 2021. S'Young formulated a bespoke marketing strategy based on mesoestetic's distinguished brand identity and legacy, helping the brand achieve multiple milestones in the market. S'Young enhanced mesoestetic's flagship store on Tmall Global, one of China's largest e-commerce marketplaces, and helped kickstart its social commerce journey with a new store on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

S'Young expanded mesoestetic's consumer base through partnerships with top-tier celebrities and influencers, along with solutions to bolster its supply chain and operations to establish a strong brand position in China. Thanks to this cooperation, mesoestetic has achieved unprecedented results in the market, with a year-on-year increase in sales of 236%. Its best-selling product, Ultimate W, ranks No. 1 in the health supplement category on Douyin and No. 2 on Tmall Global.

With the aim of optimizing mesoestetic's go-to-market strategy, the enhanced cooperation will enable S'Young to establish an innovative operating model for mesoestetic with its omnichannel business solutions designed to broaden brand awareness and drive sales. Taking advantage of S'Young's market experience, mesoestetic will be able to adopt an omnichannel strategy that reinforces its presence in online and offline channels, creating a unique shopping experience for its customers in China.

According to a new joint study by Bain

To help beauty companies achieve strong sales in China, S'Young pioneers the "CP" (China Partner) cooperation model, through which the company forges in-depth partnerships with global brands to help them establish a omnichannel capability with multi-dimensional solutions spanning brand positioning, differentiated communications, marketing, retail and supply chain management, offering end-to-end support at every step of their growth so they can thrive in the chinese market.

Acerca de S'Young International

S'Young International, the pioneer of the CP cooperation model, is an open digital platform that enables international beauty brands to access and connect with the Chinese market by providing them with a complete solution focused on their omnichannel and entire lifecycle development. S'Young International has already cooperated with more than 50 beauty brands from all over the world.

About mesoestetic Pharma Group

mesoestetic Pharma Group is an internationally recognized pharmaceutical laboratory as one of the leaders in the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine that offers innovative and effective solutions for the treatment and care of the skin.

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