RELEASE: Mintos launches personalized ETF portfolios for individual investors

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Mintos launches personalized ETF portfolios for individual investors

(Information sent by the signatory company)

RIGA, Latvia, December 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Mintos, a leading multi-asset platform offering a unique combination of alternative and traditional investment options, is pleased to announce the addition of ETFs to its offering, just weeks after the successful launch of high-yield Fractional Bonds.

The introduction of customized ETF portfolios for diversified long-term, commission-free investments marks an important milestone, as investors can now align their strategies with their individual financial goals and risk appetite.

According to a survey conducted by Mintos on a sample of 1,100 clients, a notable 80% of respondents who were not yet investing in ETFs expressed their intention to do so in the near future, revealing great interest in this investment category.

The main problem identified among potential ETF investors was a lack of knowledge, as many felt overwhelmed by the wide range of investment options, tax implications and the investment process. Furthermore, complex and opaque fee structures posed a dilemma for investors looking for a reliable investment platform.

"At Mintos, our goal is to make long-term passive investing a hassle-free experience. We recognize that today's investors are often overwhelmed by the wide variety of ETFs available and the complex fee structures they follow. imposing many investment platforms when they instead expect zero fees. That's why we are pleased to present customized ETF portfolios that adapt to different risk preferences, making it easier for investors to create a balanced portfolio aligned with their goals," said Martins Sulte, CEO and co-founder of Mintos.

The Mintos ETF offering includes a number of key features designed to simplify the investing experience. Custom ETF portfolios, including renowned providers such as Amundi, iShares, JP Morgan and Vanguard, are tailored to meet different risk appetites, effortlessly adjusting the balance of bond and stock ETFs within each portfolio to meet investment objectives specific.

With a minimum investment of only 50 euros and no commissions, accessibility is key, as it allows investors, regardless of their investment capacity, to develop a flexible and diversified investment strategy. Mintos also enables tax-efficient rebalancing, automatically choosing tax-optimized ETFs and adjusting portfolio allocations as investments grow.

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