RELEASE: mlean arrives in Brazil for FIEE '23

Valladolid, July 18,.

RELEASE: mlean arrives in Brazil for FIEE '23

Valladolid, July 18,

mlean® Production System (mPS) is the most complete, flexible and effective tool for optimizing and perfecting industrial processes

mlean®, the leading European company in continuous improvement software, brings to the FIEE in Sao Paulo the most complete way to implement problem solving and standardization in an industrial environment. Available to be used both on desktop and as an app, mlean® Production System (mPS) is the most complete, flexible and efficient tool to optimize and perfect each and every one of the industrial processes. Reprocessing and waste are the main causes of that factories do not reach their objectives, with average reprocessing costs that are around 5% of the contractual value of a given project. Other reasons are the use of disconnected tools that do not integrate with other systems and do not offer a complete 360º vision. Standardization is the key to solving it. As Roberto Delgado, CEO of mlean, explains, "'without establishing standards in any process, it is very difficult to implement effective continuous improvement, it is very difficult to implement effective continuous improvement processes that work for a factory." mPS therefore offers a robust solution to help factories standardize their processes and align their existing operations, targets and KPIs. mlean software is constantly evolving, centralizing and digitizing the daily operations of factories. This not only helps to reduce downtime, rework and waste, but also increases the sustainability of the plant. In the words of Roberto Delgado: "Standardization is one of the key drivers of operational excellence, and achieving EO is what will ultimately make any organization a competitive force to be reckoned with in our current competitive landscape.We have seen great potential for Brazilian factories to achieve EO through standardization, and we are very pleased to have a place in FIEE this year". mlean® has been serving a multitude of companies since 2014, helping organizations implement effective lean management and continuous improvement processes. The mlean® production system has been key to centralizing, collecting and sharing key data from the shop floor to the office, helping companies to remain relevant, competitive and productive. About mlean® mlean® is one of the leading software companies of continuous improvement in the world. Based in Valladolid (Spain), it has been helping to manage the industrial operations workshop since 2014. Its range of products, and its mlean® Production System (mPS), focus on digitizing, improving and managing industrial operations simply by connecting people with industrial processes. mlean enables its customers to unleash the power of their equipment while leaving a positive impact on the environment with zero paper and increased efficiency. mlean® production system aspires to be the whole the world's most comprehensive and flexible digital tools for continuous improvement and seeks to change the future of manufacturing. The system is already implemented in more than 400 factories, 32 countries, used by more than 100,000 users and translated into 17 languages. To learn more, visit:

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