RELEASE: MolecuLight's innovative approach receives Best Abstract award at EWMA 2024

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: MolecuLight's innovative approach receives Best Abstract award at EWMA 2024

(Information sent by the signatory company)

TORONTO, May 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- MolecuLight Inc., the global leader in fluorescence imaging technology for real-time detection of harmful bacteria in wound care, is proud to announce that a groundbreaking study led by Dr. Rosemarie Derwin and colleagues, titled "Integrating Point-of-Care Bacterial Fluorescence Imaging-Guided Care with Continued Wound Measurement for Enhanced Wound Area Reduction Monitoring," received the Best Abstract of the Year award at the prestigious European conference. Wound Management Association (EWMA) held in London, United Kingdom in May 2024.

This year's EWMA meeting received an impressive turnout of almost 5,000 participants and more than 1,000 abstract submissions were received from 68 countries on six continents. Being honored with the Best Abstract of the Year award is significant recognition of MolecuLight's substantial contribution to the field of wound care and underscores its growing recognition among esteemed thought leaders in the industry.

The study on which this summary is based was published earlier this year in the high-impact journal Diagnostics. His findings underscore the undeniable correlation between the presence of fluorescence signals, detected by MolecuLight imaging devices, and poorer wound healing outcomes, evidenced by poor wound area reduction. The study authors also yielded interesting revelations when comparing their manual measurement technique with digital measurement using the MolecuLight device. Manual (rule) techniques overestimated wound size by approximately 23%, where consistency of measurement over time was largely operator dependent. Coherence could only be maintained when all measurements were carried out by the same individual, using the same methodology and under identical conditions; however, this scenario rarely reflects real-world practices. This emphasizes the value proposition of MolecuLight1's highly accurate, consistent and repeatable digital wound measurement technology.

Dr Rosemarie Derwin, lead author of the study commented: "Our comparison of manual and digital measurement techniques revealed that measurement discrepancies are a real problem when the same operator is not involved in the care of a patient at all times. Ideally , all wound care providers would have access to digital measurement tools. MolecuLight provides this capability along with the critically important visualization of bacteria in wounds at the bedside, a transformative innovation in wound diagnosis. We are delighted. to receive this recognition from EWMA, which signifies a resonance of our work with global thought leaders in the field of wound care.

"At MolecuLight, we are committed to providing healthcare providers with empowering tools for proactive intervention and improved patient care," said Anil Amlani, CEO of MolecuLight Inc. "This award underscores the effectiveness of our platform in revolutionizing the global wound management by addressing the challenges posed by non-standardized wound care practices. We believe that objective bacterial detection and accurate digital wound measurement should be the standard at every bedside, allowing clinicians to act with decision, support documentation of medical necessity for payers, and align with optimal product use recommendations from therapeutic skin product manufacturers."

1 Raizman, R. et al. J Wound Care, 2019, DOI:10.12968/jowc.2019.28.12.824.

About MolecuLight Inc. MolecuLight Inc. is a privately held medical imaging company with a global presence offering fully commercialized point-of-care digital wound measurement and real-time bacterial detection through fluorescence imaging platform technology. MolecuLight's suite of commercial devices, including the MolecuLight i:X® and DX™ fluorescence imaging systems and accessories, have scientifically proven capabilities that improve wound care practices and outcomes across all service sites. MolecuLight procedures performed in the United States benefit from an available reimbursement pathway that includes two CPT® codes for the physician's work to perform "fluorescence imaging for the presence, location and load of bacteria" and the facility's payment for the Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD) and the Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) through an Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) assignment.

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