RELEASE: Nacho Guerreros "impersonates Santa Claus" to warn that fakes can only disappoint

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Nacho Guerreros "impersonates Santa Claus" to warn that fakes can only disappoint

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 21, 2022.

The Association for the Defense of the brand (Andema), and the Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks O.A. (OEPM) launch a Christmas campaign on social networks to warn of the danger of buying counterfeits in these days of massive purchases. In order to have an impact, both organizations have launched this initiative in which the actor Nacho Guerreros stars in a spot in which he "impersonates the identity of Santa Claus" and dedicates a message: fakes can only disappoint

At the beginning of the video, Nacho Guerreros appears in the traditional red suit and white beard that is attributed to this endearing Christmas character, but he warns that this year he will not be able to fulfill people's wishes or bring gifts because he is not the original Santa Claus, but a fake. As he explains the consequences of buying inauthentic products, he gradually sheds his disguise to show who he really is and how easy it is to unmask a counterfeit."Last year, nearly half of the Spanish youth in between 15 and 24 years old intentionally bought a counterfeit, according to EUIPO data It is clear that we need to make future consumers aware of the dangers of counterfeits: loss of employment, health risks due to products not being they go through quality controls, or even organized crime. Influencers or content creators are brand ambassadors, and we seek their complicity and responsibility in the fight against counterfeiting," says Gerard Guiu, CEO of Andema. In the words of Aida Fernández, director of the OEPM: "This is the second campaign that Andema and the OEPM have carried out aimed at young Spaniards. Behind a forgery there are many things that we do not see, and we have to carry out adequate campaigns so that the new consumers learn to respect industrial property. By protecting industrial property rights we help maintain the economy of our country and collaborate with the well-being of society". As detailed by Andema and the OEPM, a few months ago both organizations carried out another activation in which some doubles of the Olympic medalist Saúl Craviotto and the models Xavi Serrano and Eva Basterrechea took their social networks pretending to be them. The reason for choosing influencers and media personalities is due to the fact that the average counterfeit consumer profile is, as specified by Gerard Guiu, under 35 years of age and acts motivated by the aspiration of owning high-end items at affordable prices. According to the SPTO, "the fact that the main distribution channel for these products is online, and that these are mainly perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, means that we are talking about a dangerous trade for the consumer, especially if we refer to to masks, children's toys, protective equipment or sunglasses, since they can have an impact on health". However, both entities encourage buying on trusted websites with secure payment methods and that respect industrial property. For this reason, as Nacho Guerreros says at the end of the spot: "This Christmas give original gifts, make the magic never end." About ANDEMA The National Association for the Defense of the Brand is a private non-profit association created in 1989 by initiative of eight companies with a branding vocation and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Currently, it is made up of more than 80 companies from different economic sectors with a common link: the belief in the power of the brand, designs and patents as the main asset of companies, as a tool for competitiveness and internationalization. and as a generator of wealth and employment in the economy and in society. Its objectives are the defense of trademarks and their owners, the continuous improvement of the legislative and practical framework of trademarks in Spain and to raise awareness in society in general through the dissemination of the impact that trademarks have on the economy, the employment, innovation, trade, consumer safety and health. OEPM The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, O.A (OEPM) is an Autonomous Body of the General State Administration that promotes and supports technological and economic development, granting legal protection to the different modalities Industrial Property (IP) through the granting of patents and utility models (inventions); industrial designs (form creations); trademarks and trade names (distinctive signs) in addition to disseminating the value of IP rights. //

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