RELEASE: noco-noco announces "X-SEPA(TM)", a revolutionary separation technology (1)

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: noco-noco announces "X-SEPA(TM)", a revolutionary separation technology (1)

(Information sent by the signatory company)

X-SEPA TM transcends the typical separator concept to bring new added value to batteries; samples will start shipping in January 2023

SINGAPORE, Dec. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- noco-noco Pte. Ltd. ("noco-noco") announces the launch of X-SEPATM, an innovative separator that helps improve the performance of existing battery technologies and accelerate the development speed of new generation batteries. X-SEPATM features a three-dimensionally ordered pore matrix and, with a multi-layer structure, offers an optimal combination of membrane strength, high porosity, and improved battery performance. noco-noco has already overcome the challenges of series production and will start shipping X-SEPATM samples in January 2023.

Creation of a new market

X-SEPATM is a technological platform that transcends the typical separator concept to bring new added value to batteries. Noco-noco's parent company, 3DOM Alliance Inc. ("3DOM Alliance"), developed X-SEPATM through eight years of research and development in order to truly solve environmental problems. The separator has the most important function in a battery: it is a component that isolates the anode and cathode, retains the electrolyte, and ensures ionic conductivity between the electrodes. The 3DOM Alliance Single Layer Separator has increased porosity and a uniform labyrinthine pore structure, which suppresses dendrite formation. However, increased porosity reduces the strength of the separator. Thus, in the search for greater resistance, suppression of dendrites and greater porosity, the multilayer X-SEPATM was born. X-SEPATM successfully balances performance in the higher porosity outer layers and strength in the lower porosity middle layer. These results were obtained in a project financed by the Organization for the Development of New Energies and Industrial Technologies (NEDO).

3DOM Alliance's patent-pending multi-layer separator, with a three-dimensionally ordered macroporous structure, provides batteries with longer life, higher reliability (lower accident rate, etc.) and higher discharge rates. Batteries equipped with the X-SEPATM also have excellent heat resistance and are suitable for high power applications such as air mobility takeoff and landing. Most conventional batteries are unable to withstand high temperatures and deteriorate too quickly in tropical areas with high temperatures and humidity. Thanks to its unique structure and material, which make it compatible with other temperature-resistant components, X-SEPATM is ideal for high-temperature regions where high growth and large-scale electrification are anticipated.

Fostering Digital Transformation (DX) in Battery Development and Manufacturing - High-precision modeling accelerates RD of next-generation batteries

With increasing demand for electric vehicles (EVs), fundamental improvements in battery performance are necessary. Battery accidents hinder the spread of electric vehicles around the world; Recalls come at a cost to car manufacturers, and disposing of electric vehicles along with their batteries can seriously pollute the soil. The unique structure of X-SEPATM avoids one of the main causes of short circuits, and the highly heat resistant material reduces accidents and damage to batteries. In addition, the X-SEPATM provides excellent performance at high battery loads and reliability under various abnormal conditions due to the high temperature resistance of the polyimide material.

X-SEPATM will take battery development to a new phase. It surpasses the conventional role of a separator of isolating the anode and cathode: it transforms battery performance and enables the development of high performance batteries. Unlike conventional separators with irregular pores, the X-SEPATM has a uniform hexagonal pore structure, enabling high-precision model simulation, flexible separator structural design, and optimization of various parameters. As a result, X-SEPATM can be adapted to any type of battery. This "computable" quality is also important, as it allows the information obtained in the laboratory or in the market to be used for new developments, which holds great potential to speed up the development process and dramatically increase the chances of achieving technological breakthroughs. In doing so, X-SEPATM will radically transform "analog" battery development and manufacturing sites into venues fit for the DX era.

The goal is to introduce X-SEPATM to all batteries in the world within five years.

X-SEPATM provides twice or more useful life to batteries, allowing them to be used in multiple applications throughout their useful life; for example, after their first lifetime in electric vehicles, they can be used for a second lifetime in energy storage systems (ESS). This is not only environmentally friendly, but also reduces the cost per charge cycle. Extending battery life with X-SEPATM minimizes the environmental impact of each battery and opens up new opportunities for circular use.

Decarbonization solutions provider noco-noco aims to reposition long-life batteries as social infrastructure. The use of first and second life, as well as recycling, are essential to preserve the environment. Although electrification seems to be progressing around the world to benefit the environment, battery manufacturing squeezes the Earth's resources and emits large volumes of CO, while discarded batteries can cause serious pollution. noco-noco is therefore strongly opposed to business models that take advantage of the growing demand for electric vehicles to mass-produce and sell short-life batteries. Instead, the company's mission is to reduce CO2 emissions and prevent pollution by prioritizing the efficient use of energy and using the minimum number of long-life batteries to the maximum. noco-noco is determined to reduce battery-related accidents and make batteries an affordable and safe social infrastructure within everyone's reach.

With time running out before the Earth's temperature rises 1.5 degrees Celsius and reaches a point of no return, noco-noco recognizes the urgency of introducing X-SEPATM to all batteries in the world within five years. , before it is too late to protect the environment. Therefore, noco-noco will make the X-SEPATM technology available to all battery manufacturers and purchase the X-SEPATM equipped batteries for use in products (EV, ESS, etc.) to be leased from the service of company carbon neutral leasing. The X-SEPATM will enable the use of batteries with double or more useful life for first and second life, which will reduce the number of batteries required by 75% or more. noco-noco will bring together partners who also value product longevity and work to create a mechanism that promotes sustainable growth.

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