RELEASE: Oizom's air quality monitors now have advanced calibration capabilities

AHMEDABAD, India, Nov.

RELEASE: Oizom's air quality monitors now have advanced calibration capabilities

AHMEDABAD, India, Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- With 7 years of experience and more than 1,500 deployments in 50 countries, Oizom is focused on providing accurate and affordable air quality data. To bolster the data accuracy of the smart air quality monitors, Oizom has established an advanced calibration facility in Ahmedabad, India. This facility houses the two-stage calibration of the air quality monitors. The facility was recently inaugurated at the Ahmedabad Textile Industry Research Association (ATIRA) in Ahmedabad.

The event was attended by leading dignitaries from various regulatory and research organizations. Ankit Vyas, CEO of Oizom, Dr. Rajeev Gautam, Corporate Director of HORIBA Ltd., Japan, and President of HORIBA India, Deepali Plawat, Deputy Director of ATIRA, and Dr. Dipsha Shah, Professor at the College of Technology from CEPT University, addressed the attendees.

The Advanced Calibration Facility features a state-of-the-art laboratory for the calibration of sensor-based air quality monitors. The recent addition to the facility is a reference-grade continuous ambient air quality monitoring system (CAAQMS) from the Japanese manufacturer HORIBA Ltd. This system is supplied by the Environmental and Process Division of HORIBA, Ltd., which is a world leader in air quality control. The system houses precise analyzers to monitor real-time data on gases such as NOx and SOx (oxides of nitrogen and sulfur), CO (carbon monoxide), O3 (ozone) and particles (PM2.5 and PM10). With this, Oizom intends to reinforce its calibration facility by placing each monitor with the reference CAAQMS.

The facility also opens up research opportunities for academics, researchers, and industry. On this occasion, Ankit Vyas, CEO of Oizom, stated: "This joint effort by Oizom, ATIRA and HORIBA India Process and Environmental paves the way for future research on hyperlocal air quality monitoring data provision. A facility so advanced it will be the first in the country and we are open to research collaborations with universities."

Ayyan Karmakar, Oizom's Chief Scientific Officer, added: "Accuracy is the key to air quality data. The facility will ensure that Oizom's sensor-based air quality monitoring system provides data with the highest precision. "

About Oizom:

Oizom helps professionals in smart cities, smart campuses, industries, mining operations, wastewater treatment plants and airports with their air quality monitoring needs. Oizom's flagship products include Polludrone, Odosense, Dustroid, Weathercom, AQBot, and Envizom.

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