RELEASE: Origina Partners with SecAlliance to Deliver Enhanced Analysis of the Threat Environment

The alliance enables greater security in the maintenance of IBM's third-party software that goes beyond the standard security patch.

RELEASE: Origina Partners with SecAlliance to Deliver Enhanced Analysis of the Threat Environment

The alliance enables greater security in the maintenance of IBM's third-party software that goes beyond the standard security patch

DUBLIN, Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Origina, the liaison leader, has partnered with SecAlliance, a provider of world-class intelligence services and actionable solutions to businesses, organizations and agencies around the world, to expand the Origina's service offering to include enhanced proactive cybersecurity protection for IBM software products.

Working with SecAlliance provides Origina with deeper insight into security threat intelligence through a combination of machine-driven intelligence and analysts who monitor dark web activity, verifying and flagging potential threats before they occur. . Once a potential vulnerability is validated by SecAlliance, a collaboration between Origina's security team and its independent global experts addresses that vulnerability and provides specific solutions to proactively mitigate the threat. This detailed threat information enables Origina to respond quickly with specific solutions to ensure the protection of clients' IBM® software products.

"Through this partnership, Origina provides deep insight into the contextual environment of threats and offers customers a single point of access to threat intelligence and technical mitigation," said Ben Lipczynski, Head of Security Services at Origina. . "This service is available to support uninstalled and IBM products, regardless of version, custom code, or configuration. We can apply specific context to clients' operating, business, and threat environments and address potential security risks".

"At SecAlliance, we are focused on making 'intelligence human'. Thanks to Origina's deep technical knowledge of IBM products and SecAlliance's understanding of how threat actors attack and exploit technologies, we will be able to provide clear, tangible and actionable insights into detection and mitigation advice that is not available anywhere else," said Rob Dartnall, CEO of SecAlliance.

"This is an important milestone in Origina's evolution and cements our position as an innovative leader in the maintenance and third-party support industry. Over the years, we have listened to our customers' concerns and responded by creating an offering comprehensive security framework to ensure that our clients' IBM software products are protected against new and emerging security threats," said Rowan O'Donoghue, Origina co-founder and CTO. "SecAlliance is truly a best-in-class organization. It is a highly trusted company and provides security analytics to countries, nation states, and police departments. They align very well with our core values, and we look forward to our partnership."

About Origin

Origina is a global third-party provider of IBM® software maintenance and support that is consistently recognized by Gartner as a cost-smart alternative to traditional software mega-vendors. His team of more than 600 independent global IBM product experts work proactively to extend, protect and enhance all versions of IBM® and HCL® software.

Origina offers a bespoke, consultative, independent IBM service that combines superior on-demand support with expert advice to help clients achieve immediate cost savings, recover value locked in traditional systems and free up valuable resources that can use to accelerate digital transformation programs.

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About SecAlliance

SecAlliance provides cyber threat intelligence products and services to banks, central banks, financial market infrastructures, EU and government agencies, international organizations and operators of critical national infrastructures (telecommunications, power grids, transport). SecAlliance helps these organizations and their ecosystems strengthen their cyber resilience and make the right decisions.

SecAlliance raises awareness by offering threat intelligence monitoring, assessments, training and consulting. Facilitates collaboration by supporting the creation and operation of threat information sharing communities.

SecAlliance, Europe's leading provider of threat intelligence, is driven by its commitment to quality and doing the right thing, with a strong foundation in Europe, but with a global reach and presence.

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