RELEASE: Papaya Global Launches Comprehensive Health Care Plans

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Papaya Global Launches Comprehensive Health Care Plans

(Information sent by the signatory company)

-Papaya Global launches comprehensive health care plans that allow companies to unify their global employees under a single Premium solution

This new international plan, in partnership with DavidShield Group, simplifies healthcare management and offers Papaya clients an additional competitive advantage in recruiting and managing global talent, while unifying employees under one flexible plan.

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Papaya Global, the fintech SaaS company providing global payroll and payment technology, today announced its new premium healthcare benefit plan. With this unique global plan, Papaya clients can offer their employees customized, employer-sponsored international health insurance in more than 160 countries, while eliminating the complex and time-consuming process of comparing multiple plans across regions. The new offering marks continued growth for Papaya, while reinforcing its commitment to supporting organizations and their employees around the world.

Designed to harness the buying power of groups, Papaya offers a superior solution to businesses of all sizes, providing unified global plans with flexible and convenient healthcare benefits for employees. This unique approach consolidates under one umbrella the management of employee health benefits in multiple countries. Papaya clients also gain a significant advantage in recruiting global talent, as their employees have access to a comprehensive health care plan without the headaches of traditional health insurance.

Using a designated card, employees enrolled in the plan will be able to pay for medical services without having to pay out of pocket. The card can be used to cover outpatient treatments, prescription drugs, standard lab tests, emergency room visits, doctor visits, and x-rays. Cardholders are free to choose their own doctors, without provider or network restrictions, and receive worldwide coverage in more than 160 countries. The plan also includes one-time travel insurance: urgent medical care for up to 60 days outside the employee's place of residence anywhere in the world (including the US). This gives employees peace of mind when traveling without the need to purchase additional insurance.

"With a dispersed and growing global workforce, we wanted to improve the employee experience for all of our team members, especially those who do not have access to comprehensive healthcare benefits in multiple global locations," said Eynat Guez, CEO of Papaya. Global. "This new partnership with DavidShield will do just that – employees will now have easy and flexible access to medical, dental and vision benefits regardless of where they work. This benefit enhancement reflects our continued commitment to our employee experience and helping our clients to create strong work cultures around the world through an equitable benefit plan."

The main advantages of the new plan for workers are:

The main advantages for entrepreneurs are:

About Papaya Global Papaya Global is a fintech SaaS company providing global payroll technology, the only tech-first payroll software built for global businesses. Papaya's fully automated solution provides the visibility, speed, and flexibility finance teams need to control workforce spend. Papaya acts as the brain that connects the dots for global payroll, unifying data flows and integrating with HCM and ERP tools to create a single source of truth. Turn payroll - the biggest expense and responsibility of any company - into a strategic asset.

The Papaya team currently spans Tel Aviv, New York, Austin, London, kyiv, Singapore and Melbourne. Its technology has been recognized by all of the world's leading analysts, including Gartner, Visa, NelsonHall and others, as disruptive in the global payments, payroll and people arena. Papaya was named to the Forbes Cloud 100 list and CNBC's Top Startups for the Enterprise list.

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