RELEASE: Paranormal Adventures presents 'The Last Victim', the real horror game with more than 600 players

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Paranormal Adventures presents 'The Last Victim', the real horror game with more than 600 players

(Information sent by the signatory company)

On March 18, at 10 pm, the real horror game "La última víctima" will take place in El Álamo (Madrid), organized by the alternative entertainment company Paranormal Adventures. There will be 600 players who will have the objective of solving a terrible mystery throughout the night, until 6 am, and having the whole town as a stage, with more than 80 actors who will make the players experience the mystery in first person. Tickets will have a special price until February 22 included

Madrid, February 17, 2023. The school, the library or the cultural center will become escape room and gymkanas tests, which will put the dexterity, ability and intelligence of the participants to the limit. And not only that, they will take the players to a forest to live a much more extreme experience and where tension will play a fundamental role. In addition, the game has a web application, which has become the hallmark of Paranormal Adventures. Thanks to it, there are no queues or crowds, since each group has clues that lead them to different places where the game takes place. On the other hand, it is essential so that no one feels lost. Every time a test is passed, the application unlocks two more, offering new tracks and adding points to the global ranking. On the other hand, at the end of the game, those who get the most points will be the ones who go on stage and decide the end of the story. Elena Municio, Co-Founding Partner of Paranormal Adventures, assures that: "one of the strongest points of the experience it is the web application, but also the total immersion that is achieved, in a game that has more than 80 actors". Tension, adrenaline and mystery in its purest form.Other aspects of the gameThe players will have 3 lives, which they can lose in different ways, either through the streets, where enemies are chasing them; or in the different tests. Despite this, if an investigator loses his three lives, he can continue playing. It is advisable to go with comfortable clothes and with the Smartphone always well charged, or with an auxiliary battery in the backpack. For those who cannot run, due to being injured or for other reasons, the company has prepared alternatives that will allow them to continue enjoying an unforgettable experience. Tickets are on sale through their website: Paranormal adventures

Contact Contact name: Elena Municio Contact telephone number: 636835361