RELEASE: Philippine App Gcash Presents Financial Inclusion Story at Mobile World Congress

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RELEASE: Philippine App Gcash Presents Financial Inclusion Story at Mobile World Congress

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Philippines, March 9, 2023.

GCash President and CEO Martha Sazon delivered the financial inclusion story of the Philippines' leading e-wallet in a keynote address at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona

Speaking to a global audience of industry leaders, Sazon highlighted that "GCash has become a national champion helping transform a country and bringing hope to many Filipinos. Powered by breakthrough innovation and a successful platform." A leading e-wallet and financial services company in the Philippines has been constantly innovating to make its vision of Finance for All a reality."GCash is a great app for everyday use: payments and transfers, fair lending for all, affordable investments, affordable insurance, while at the same time promoting an ecological and digital lifestyle, all without losing sight of the needs of our customers, who are the driving force behind our innovations," said Sazon. He also indicated that the electronic wallet has gained popularity Large presence in the Philippines, with more than 76 million registered users. In fact, there is a phrase that has become famous: "'i-GCash mo na yan!", which would translate as "Pay with GCash!". GCash is the first and only "double unicorn" in the Philippines and "one of the few sustainable fintech applications in the world." Similarly, the platform's Net Promoter Score (NPS), an indicator used to measure experience rating and predicting business growth, came out best-in-class at 83.9%, beating the most popular brands around the world.Sazon ended the session with independent presentations from Tjodolf Sommestad, President of King , developer of the Candy Crush mobile game, and Lauren Kunze, CEO of Iconiq, a company specializing in the development of conversational artificial intelligence.GCash, together with its creator, the Globe Group, represented the Philippines at the MWC in Barcelona, ​​where showed how the conglomerate has been leading progress and innovation in the Southeast Asian nation. Hosted by the GSM association, a global organization unifying the mobile ecosystem, the MWC It is the largest and most influential exhibition in the connectivity sector. According to the GSM association, under this year's motto "Speed", five cable debate topics have been developed: 5G acceleration, Reality, OpenNet, FinTech and Digital Everything This is the second MWC since the event was canceled during the pandemic. This annual meeting reached a record of 109,000 attendees in 2019, while this year it has had a total of 88,500 attendees.

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