RELEASE: Prodware boosts its growth and plans to hire 300 new talents during 2023

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Prodware boosts its growth and plans to hire 300 new talents during 2023

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 2

The initiative is aligned with its QWL talent management strategy, focused on people and well-being in the workplace

Prodware is a leading consultancy in Europe and a Microsoft partner that accompanies organizations on their digital transformation journey, especially subsidiaries of large groups, medium-sized companies and fast-growing SMEs. In 2023, it has embarked on an ambitious recruitment campaign with the hiring of 300 new talents in order to support its growth strategy. Prodware continues to attract a diverse array of qualified candidates for jobs in its many areas of expertise, but is expanding its know-how to address new industry-specific areas such as Information Technology Consulting, Cybersecurity, Cloud & Compliance, Data/BI, low -code/no-code with the Microsoft Power Platform, thus strengthening its position in the market as a trusted enabler of digital transformation. The strategy behind this expansion is based on a policy focused on people and well-being in the workplace, two essential components of Prodware's Employee Experience and talent management strategy. This means taking into account current social changes and people's views on work. Consequently, one of Prodware's main objectives is to rethink the work environment, putting people back at the heart of the organization with a Quality of Life at Work policy, with its acronym QWL (Quality of Life at Work). Work). In a post-pandemic context and an international scene of uncertainty, employees must feel calm and immersed in a positive experience mode for the coming years, thus ensuring their professional growth and, in turn, contributing to the growth of the company. "At Prodware we know that a good customer experience inevitably goes through a good employee experience. For this reason, we have been very committed to understanding our employees and creating a work environment that combines their personal needs with their evolution and development for a long time professional, within a human team that builds a company with a soul", points out José María Sánchez, CEO of Prodware Spain. In order to support the growth strategy and reinforce the unique offer of digital transformation, Prodware intends to hire more than 300 new talents to fill positions such as: specialized consultants in different sectors, data scientists, Cybersecurity experts, developers of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud architects, project managers, business developers, etc. Prodware trusts in constant innovation with the focus always on people, evolving and transforming tomorrow's business processes today.

ContactContact name: Jessica Lasheras CriadoContact description: Editor at Prodware SpainContact phone: 607602941