RELEASE: Puritan scores another legal victory against Copan in Sweden

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Puritan scores another legal victory against Copan in Sweden

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Italian competitor refutes his allegations of infringement, which is his sixth defeat to date

GUILFORD, Maine, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Puritan Medical Products—the world's most trusted manufacturer of swabs and specimen collection and transport devices—is proud to celebrate a new assertion of patent law, this time in Sweden. The Swedish patent claim filed by the Italian swab manufacturer Copan Italia S.p.A. reached an impasse earlier this month, when the Swedish Court of Appeal confirmed that Puritan's flocked swabs do not infringe any of Copan's European patent claims that purportedly protects the company's core flocked swab technology italian.

Copan launched a patent offensive against Puritan's distributor, Svenska LABFAB in Sweden back in April 2019, after losing a competitive bid in Sweden. The Italian company announced the Swedish lawsuit during a trade fair in the Netherlands, handing out leaflets claiming "that Svenska LABFAB has committed a deliberate infringement of the patent covering COPAN's core flocked swab technology." However, in June 2020, the Swedish courts sided with LABFAB and handed Copan a resounding defeat. LABFAB successfully beat infringement claims and even won legal fees for their efforts.

Later that same year, in November 2020, Puritan similarly defeated the Italian competitor in a series of German lawsuits and appeals, also winning legal fees. In 2022, Copan suffered another defeat at the hands of the International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington, D.C. In that case, Copan accused rival Chinese swab makers of infringing its patents, but the claims were denied by an ITC judge. Copan has already lost six lawsuits alleging patent infringement on flocked swabs.

"Looking forward to 2023, the hard-working Puritan team can celebrate another legal victory upholding patent law," said Bob Shultz, Puritan's president and chief financial officer. "Copan's latest loss is a clear message to our entire industry that good faith business practices are paramount in these times. We are glad this latest distraction is behind us as we look forward to doing the right thing for our customers in the future." new Year."

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