RELEASE: Quixant Launches the QMAX Gaming Platform, the Most Powerful and Feature-Rich PC in the Gaming Industry

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Quixant Launches the QMAX Gaming Platform, the Most Powerful and Feature-Rich PC in the Gaming Industry

(Information sent by the signatory company)

CAMBRIDGE, England, Feb. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Quixant is pleased to announce the launch of its market-leading QMAX Gaming hardware platform, designed to deliver the highest resolution content, smoothest gameplay and best experience. for the player.

The new platform is powered by Intel®, offers exceptional GPU performance, and is available with or without dGPU, allowing customers to boost their hardware performance by adding the graphics card of their choice.

Highly customizable, it meets the requirements of all major global gaming jurisdictions, including GLI-11. It comes standard with Quixant's game optimization software solutions that streamline game development and delivery and allow customers to focus on content development without worrying about regulatory requirements.

Commenting on the launch, Duncan Faithfull, Quixant's Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, commented, "We believe our customers' focus should be on the content, not on developing hardware solutions to build it. They need the freedom to develop content with the confidence of that your solution is reliable and as powerful as your imagination requires, which is why Quixant developed IQ, IQON and QMAX, its range of gaming PCs designed to deliver maximum performance based on budget, market and product needs. The new QMAX is our most powerful and feature-rich platform, giving customers a platform that goes as far as their imaginations can go."

Duncan added: "While developing specialized and breakthrough technology is central to Quixant's offering, partnerships are just as important – it is our responsibility to support our customers to ensure they get the most out of their Quixant products. Our team is always available to enable customers to maximize the potential of their QMAX platform, so they can focus on the aspects that allow them to stay ahead of the game."

He concluded: "After launching Quantum and Qinetic, our range of modular sports betting and gaming cabinets, we identified the need to expand our software solutions to further support customers. We now offer a full suite of integration and support solutions software, which allow designers to focus their efforts on developing the ultimate game content and player experience, as well as enabling management of the cabinet that the game sits on and a collection of integration solutions – we'd love to discuss this with game manufacturers looking to improve their content and streamline the time it takes to get their cabinets to market."

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