RELEASE: Ringover helps Spanish companies adapt their communication with clients to the era of hybrid work

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Ringover helps Spanish companies adapt their communication with clients to the era of hybrid work

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The company, which experienced growth close to 600% in the last year in Spain, offers a 100% cloud-based omnichannel communication solution that can be deployed in just three minutes and helps SMEs and large Spanish companies to improve your communications with customers

Madrid, 11/30/2022.- The European communications operator Ringover has reinvented the business telephony market in Spain with the launch of an omnichannel communication solution (advanced telephony, video calls, chat and group messaging) 100% based on Cloud.

In 2020, the company raised 10 million dollars in a round of financing A and its vision of the future and its commitment to cloud telephony have allowed the company to continue to have the support of investors in an economic situation as complex as the current one. . In fact, it has a monthly growth rate of 10%, while in 2021 it experienced growth in Spain close to 600%.

This solution wants to help both SMEs and large Spanish companies to anticipate the challenge of the disappearance of traditional telephone lines and the change of communication systems to VoIP, which, according to market estimates, will be a reality before 2025. For Therefore, companies must adopt a telephone system in the cloud that allows them to face change in the simplest way and investing the least amount of time possible to remain competitive. Taking these needs into account, Ringover offers a solution that can be deployed in just three minutes, does not require initial investment or maintenance costs or updates and that integrates with all types of infrastructures and systems (corporate applications, CRM tools - Saleforce, Husbpot, Zoho or Pipedrive -, etc.). Ringover already counts, among its clients, companies from sectors as diverse as Genially, JobToday, Zankyou Weddings and Fundació.cat., among others.

One of the clearest benefits of implementing Ringover is that any company, regardless of its size and economic resources, can increase its productivity and turnover, improving its sales processes, making the most innovative tools and training available to the sales department. needed to be more efficient and save time and costs. In addition, the solution can facilitate the teleworking of employees by offering connection possibilities from anywhere, is compatible with iPhone and Android and allows calls to be made free of charge to more than 110 destinations around the world, whether they are fixed or mobile numbers. Thanks to the artificial intelligence and multi-channel functionalities of its innovative Call Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution, sales teams can offer the best customer service, a key factor in today's world where consumer habits (generation Z) They are evolving and require the use of several communication channels simultaneously or alternatively: mail, telephone, SMS, chat, social networks, etc.

"Ringover has managed to develop a key communication solution that facilitates teleworking in companies, increases the productivity of sales teams and improves the Service Level by offering an exceptional service", says Johanna Arias, Country Manager of Spain


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